The Unexpected Weird Trick That Actually Makes Your Marketing Work Better

Do you find it hard to make sales online?

I mean consistent daily sales?

If you are struggling to do that, then you are ABSOLUTELY going to love this post as I am going to walk you through a simple concept that will help you convert more of your traffic & leads into sales & profits.

Most people struggle to make sales online.

They buy various products, systems, traffic courses to learn how to do it but still fail miserably.

Why does that happen?

Is it that making sales online is HARD?

Not really.

If you know what you are doing, you can make a ton of sales online and grow your business at a rapid rate.

One of the main reasons why people struggle to get sales is because they make the terrible mistake of trying to sell to EVERYONE.

You see, marketing is NOT about getting people to say YES.

Its about getting most people to say NO….so that the right kind of people say YES.

In other words, if you want make more sales, then learn how to create marketing campaigns that DISQUALIFY people.


You need to start disqualifying people right from your ad to your landing page to your sales page to your email follow up to your backend selling process.

Basically your entire funnel.

Most don’t do this because they fear it would decrease their sales.

But in reality when you implement this, it actually INCREASES your sales.

Let me give you a simple example.

Take Facebook Ads.

You can create a Facebook ad with a clickbait headline, drive a lot of traffic to your landing page and promise the moon in the landing page and collect the email address of your visitors.

You would get a LOT of leads doing this.


But does that result in a good amount of sales?

I have personally tested this out and so have many others and we have found that sales actually REDUCES in such instances.

Sure, it’s nice to see lots of leads flowing into your account but what’s the use if they are not buying your products?

When we changed our ad and landing page to attract the RIGHT kind of leads for our products, we got leads at HIGHER COST leads but they converted well and produced real profits.

And that’s ALL that matters.


It all comes to the 80-20 marketing rule.

Marketing is all focusing on those who are going to IMPACT our results.

20% of your efforts result in 80% of your results.

Same way 20% of your prospects are going to bring in 80% of your revenues.

So you need to connect with the 20% who matter. They determine the success of your campaign.

When your marketing campaign is designed to repel 80% of your prospects who aren’t a right fit for your product, it automatically starts attracting those who are the right fit.

That’s why disqualification is so important.

So how do we disqualify people in our marketing?

Here are 5 triggers that do a great job in disqualifying the wrong set of people.

Disqualifying Trigger #1 – Can they afford it?

You could be selling the greatest product on the face of the Earth but if the person you are selling it to doesn’t have money to buy it, there is no point.

I see this happening all the time in the internet marketing space.

Marketers get traffic from bad sources filled with broke people and then wonder why their campaigns are not successful.

There is NOTHING you can do to sell a product to someone who cannot afford it.

Sure, there are people out there who may have financial issues but are resourceful enough to find the money if they are convinced about your product… but I am NOT talking about those people.

I am talking about genuinely broke people who have no chance of getting your product.

The only option in such a situation is to STOP marketing to these people.

For that, you need to track your results from various traffic sources and eliminate the ones that bring in tire kicker broke leads.

Disqualifying Trigger #2 – Do they have a burning pain they want solved RIGHT NOW?

People hate PAIN way more than they desire pleasure.

If you want to get people to whip out their wallets, take out their credit card and punch in their details on your order page like madmen, then you need to talk about the PAINS of your prospects.

You need to DIG IN DEEP.

Find what hurts your prospects.

Amplify the pain (by talking about the ramifications of it).

And then provide a solution (which would be your product or service).

It’s an age old copywriting formula and it works like a charm always.

When you do this, those who do not have the pain will tune out but those who have it will connect with you on a deeper level and buy your products.

Disqualifying Trigger #3 – Do they care about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You need to convey the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product in your marketing.

You need to talk about what differentiates your product from others.

What does it have which others don’t?

What happens when you focus on your USP?

I will illustrate with an example.

There are people out there who like to eat inexpensive $4 cheese burgers from fast food chains.

And there are people out there who like to eat $20 cheeseburgers from decent restaurants.

Now if you are selling a $4 cheeseburger, you would focus on ease of access, faster service and cost effective meal as your USP.

When you do that, it would instantly connect with those who love burgers from fast food chains.

But would it connect with those who only like to have $20 cheeseburgers?

Absolutely not as those people are looking ambience and a better dining experience.

Pandering to them would not only not get you sales but it would also repel off the core market for your $4 cheese burgers (which is the fast food lovers).

Good marketing is ALL about focusing on those who are likely to be your customers.

The more you focus on your USP and make things clear as to who your product is for, the more sales you will make.

Disqualifying Trigger #4 – Are they the decision maker?

If you’re not selling to the person who can say, “Shut up and take my money!” then you’re wasting your time talking to the wrong person.

There are exceptions to this rule but generally this is how it is.

In the internet marketing industry, our prospects are generally the decision makers but in several other markets, this may not be the case.

For example, creating a world class campaign selling an industrial product to engineers isn’t going to be very successful when it’s the people higher up in the management who make the decision.

So no matter what you are promoting, make sure you are selling to decision makers.

Disqualifying Trigger #5 – Does what you sell fit into their immediate plans?

Let say you are selling a Facebook Ads training course.

Would you make sales if you try to sell it to a newbie who wants to get started online and make some money?

No because it’s a hard sell.


Because the newbie doesn’t have an idea about what he is going to do. He has no clue what he is going to promote and how he is going to promote it.

While he may need your Facebook Ads down the road, right now he would not be able to comprehend how your course (no matter how awesome it is) can help him solve his problems.

So selling such a course to absolute newbies who don’t know head or tail about internet marketing will always be hard.

Everyone is not your target market.

Sometimes even those in your market may not be the ideal customer for your product.

Unless a product fits into someone’s IMMEDIATE plan, they are not going to take action.

(In case of Facebook Ads training course, you need to target those people who are ALREADY promoting something online and are seeking ways to get good quality traffic.)

Always target those people who need your product badly and need it NOW.

Some people may need your product badly but may not know it.

Those are very good prospects too. They can be converted into sales with educational marketing (like ebook or webinar or training series).

Just remember:

As long as your prospects need your product NOW, you can do a good job selling to them.

So that sums up the 5 Disqualifying triggers that you need to incorporate in your marketing.

Not only do these triggers weed out the wrong prospects but they also position you as a confident, authoritative expert.

And that’s a magnetic trait that draws people.

Confidence is SEXY be it in real life or in marketing.

So start employing it and reap the benefits.

If your current marketing funnels are not converting well, then go and check if they are implementing these key triggers.

If they aren’t, then you need to go and make changes to your funnels.

You need to keep working on them and tweaking them to the point where they start converting well.

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