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About Shaqir

Shaqir Hussyin, founder of WealthAcademy.com has built 7 different million dollar businesses at the age of 27, Featured on Forbes, join his 300,000+ newsletter readers. He is a Top Earner in 2 different home businesses, which quickly earned him the status of being one of the youngest, highest paid Top Earners in the network marketing & internet marketing arena.

He is the founder of SoloAdsAgency.com, a highly successful marketing agency that drives quality traffic through email list advertisements. Combined, his businesses have produced more than $10 Million in revenue, with his most successful month peaking at just over $895,249 in sales. Today Shaqir’s mission is to impact the lives of people around the world, providing high-level coaching to budding entrepreneurs looking to build a successful online business and live a lifestyle of their own desire.

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A Man On A Mission

“By December 31st 2018 it is our mission at the Shaqir Hussyin HQ to help 1,000,000 new entrepreneurs, internet marketers, network marketers, and home business owners create successful campaigns, advanced training and resources developed from real world experiences.”
Lives Changed By 2018

Industry Experts Praise For Shaqir

Matt Lloyd

Mike Dillard

John Chow

  • “If you ever want to learn about solo ads or conversions, listen to Shaqir. If he ever has an event or coaching program open up, go to it and meet the guy. He knows his stuff.” – Matt Lloyd, Founder of MOBE

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