The Advanced Guide To Sourcing Solo Ads That Convert

People wonder what’s the secret to my $28,000+ per day online business?

Its simple.

I have a well developed system for sourcing, testing and scaling paid advertising to promote various offers.

In other words, I know how to generate 1000 – 3000+ leads PER day which allows me to make a flurry of sales every single day which result in huge profits.

The main traffic method I use is Solo Ads.

Here’s how Solo Ads work.

  1. You find a list owner who has a targeted & sizable email list in your niche
  2. You pay him money to send an email to his list & you give him the EXACT email to send out (its called email swipe)
  3. The list owner sends out your swipe and and you get a huge amount of targeted traffic to your site

When done right, Solo Ads can be incredibly profitable and can allow you to scale your business like crazy.

The key is in knowing how to find the right list owners to get traffic from and how to turn that traffic into money.

And in this post, I am going to walk you through the 6 Step Solo Ads Process that I use to generate 1000s of high quality leads per day and turn them into tons of sales & massive profits.

Before I do that, I want you to understand something.

There is a lot of talk going on in the marketplace that Solo Ads are a crappy source of traffic.

Many people are claiming that its impossible to make money from the leads you get from solo ads.

Is that true?

It depends.

If you are getting traffic from super crappy solo ad vendors, then yes its impossible to make money.

If you are sending your solo ad traffic to a poor funnel, then yes its impossible to make good profits.

If you are not relentlessly following up with your leads, the yes its impossible to make good profits.

Most people make one of the above 3 mistakes which is why they struggle with Solo Ads.

As for traffic quality, you have to UNDERSTAND the larger context.

Some of the solo ads give me supremely high traffic quality while some don’t give me that much quality.

But it doesn’t matter in the larger picture.

Let me explain.

Which of the following scenario is better?

Getting a 10% conversion rate from a traffic source (its hypothetical but let’s assume it) but you can only get 1000 visitors per month from this source


Getting a 1-2% conversion (with profits) from a traffic source but you can get 5000 – 10,000+ visitors PER day (or even more) from this source

The second scenario WINS every time.

What matters is the AMOUNT of sales & profits you make.

Even if Solo Ads convert at a lower rate than other sources, once you get them to become profitable (like I do), there is a HUGE SCOPE for scaling FAST.

You could go from generating 100 leads per day….to 1000 leads per day….and then take it to 5000+ leads per day.

All while making huge profits.

Try doing that with other sources. Its NOT easy.

Bottomline is that solo ads work if you know how to make them work and they SCALE.

That’s all what matters.

Plus there are no slaps or bans with solo ads so once you make this work, you are SET.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

It really is.

Now let me walk you through my 6 Step Solo Ads Process that allows me to get a LOT of leads & sales from solo ads.


Step 1 – Make A List Of The Top Websites, Forums & Blogs In Your Niche

Here’s how you do it.

Go to Google and type in your niche keywords and start finding high traffic sites that would have potentially big email lists.

Let’s say you are in internet marketing/home business niche.

You can use base keywords like:

Network Marketing

Internet Marketing

List Building

Make Money Online

Work From Home

And mix it up with keywords like:





So you could type in keywords like:

Network Marketing Blog

Network Marketing Forum

Network Marketing Ideas

Network Marketing Opportunities

Internet Marketing Blog

Internet Marketing Forum

Internet Marketing Ideas

Internet Marketing Opportunities

And so on (you get the idea).

Here are a couple more tips to get more and more targeted websites:

  1. Go to Google Keyword Planner and input the main keyword and Google will give you a list of searches that people make. Use those terms to find new websites.
  2. Search for guru names, company names, famous products & services to find new websites in your niche.

So if you do this exercise, you will have a HUGE list of potential sites to advertise.

You can find out whether a site is getting high traffic or not by checking it out in or (their data is not accurate but use them as a guide to know what’s going on).

Also make sure you browse EVERY single site (in your chosen list) so that you get an idea of what kind of content is being put out. This will allow you to get a lot of insights about what kind of audience a particular website has.

Also join the email newsletters (if there is a prominent opt in form on the website) and see the kind of emails they send out.

Once you feel GOOD about a site, add it to your final target list and move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Contact The Site Owners To See If They Are Open For Allowing Advertisement To Their Email Lists

You need to contact the site owners and build a relationship with them.

You can find their contact details through their site’s contact pages. Or you can get their contact details through WHOIS domain lookup (Google it).

When you reach out to these people, make sure you compliment them on their site/newsletter and then ask them if you can pay them to send an email to their list.

Step 3 – Negotiate Good Solo Ad Deals

When you contact site owners, not all of them are going to respond back.

Typically you will see 10-20% interested in the deal.

Now you need to ask them several questions to understand what kind of list they have.

Questions like:

  1. What is the list size and how fast is it growing each day?
  2. How many emails are sent out per day?
  3. What is the average open rate for emails? (ask for screenshots)
  4. What amount of opens and clicks are expected if you email that list once?
  5. What is the price they are charging to send out your email?

Basically you need to find an email list that is growing by a few hundred subscribers per week AT LEAST so that you can regularly advertise there.


If the answers to the first 4 questions seem satisfactory to you, then you negotiate a good deal with them.

Tell them you are in for the long haul and you would like to regularly advertise with them if their traffic works out and ask for a discount.

Sometimes you will get a discount…sometimes you won’t.

Its ok.

Just negotiate the best deal possible.

Step 4 – Send The Solo Ad To A Proven Sales Funnel With Tracking To See Average Cost Per Lead & Sale From Each Vendor

This is very critical.

You need to send your solo ad traffic to a well developed funnel that would allow maximize your chances of making sales & profits.

Here’s what a well developed funnel consists of:

Lead Capture Page – This is the starting point of your funnel. You send traffic to a lead capture page where there is a headline (promise) followed by an opt in form. The goal of the capture page is to get the email address of your visitors.

You could either offer a bribe (like a free report or free training video) in your lead capture page or you could just make a promise that your product solves.

A few examples of lead capture page headlines would be:

The 5 Step Formula To Getting 100+ Leads Per Day

The Online Income Blueprint To Make $100,000+ This Year

Free Report Reveals The 7 Mistakes That Kill Your Online Success

Free Training Reveals How To Make $3000+ Per Month Using This Simple Traffic Source

And so on it goes.

Thank You Page – This is the page which people see AFTER they opt into your lead capture page. Here you introduce yourself and then pre-sell (educate) your leads about your product.

Sales Page – This is the page where the product is actually being promoted. It could be a sales letter or a sales video. If you are promoting an affiliate product, then you need to send people to your affiliate sales page link where they can learn more about the product and purchase it.

Upsell Sequence – Once a customer buys a product, he is likely to say yes to OTHER RELATED products. A good upsell sequence would offer the customers a chance to buy various products at a DISCOUNT. Whether you are promoting your own product or promoting an affiliate product, a good upsell sequence can bump up your revenues.

Follow Up Emails – No matter how good your product or marketing is, not everyone will buy immediately. In fact, vast majority of your leads will NOT buy immediately from you. Here’s where email follow ups come into picture. You need to regularly send out valuable emails to your subscribers so as to entertain, educate and sell them on your product. A good email list will help you make MORE sales over the course of time.

Buyer List – Put your buyers into a separate list so that you can communicate with them and offer them other higher priced products & services. You can build your buyer list even if you are promoting affiliate products. Just offer a BONUS (ebook or training or personal strategy session) for those who buy from you and then ask them to contact you to get the bonus. When they contact you, send them to a different lead capture page and ask them to sign up to your buyer’s list.

So that’s what makes up a good funnel.

Step 5 – Relentlessly Follow Up With Your Leads For 30-60 Days Promoting Various Offers

The key to turning your traffic into sales & profits is CONSISTENCY.


You need to follow up with your email list DAILY.

If possible, send them valuable content in the form of blogposts, webinars, training videos & reports. It helps you in getting more sales.

In addition to all that, you need to PROMOTE DIFFERENT OFFERS.

Every product won’t resonate with everyone.

So what you need to do is send out a follow up sequence promoting product A (for say 7 days).

Then send out follow up sequence for promoting product B.

Then product C.

And so on it goes.

Don’t slam your list with product after product in a mindless way (your list will burn out).

Have different offers to promote but make sure they are marketed well and send out valuable emails talking about each one of them.

By promoting various products, you get to turn a LOT more of your leads into customers.

More front end sales = More backend sales = More revenues = More profits

Step 6 – Evaluate The Performance Of Solo Ad Vendors After 60-90 Days & Move Ahead With The Profitable Ones

After 60-90 days of follow up and promoting of different offers, you will have the data on your hand as to which vendors were profitable and which weren’t.

Around 10-20% of the vendors will be profitable for you but don’t let that worry you. The profits from these vendors will make up for the failure of the other vendors.

It’s the 80-20 rule.

20% of your efforts will lead to 80% of your results.

Once you find out which vendors have been profitable, you need to contact them and strike up deals for BULK orders (like purchase of 3-6 solo ads sent out monthly).

When you go for bulk orders, you WILL get nice discounts which would allow you to make more profits faster.

You can even strike up exclusivity deals with the vendors to make sure they are obligated to sell traffic to you ONLY.

So that’s it.

This is my 6 Step Solo Ad Process that has allowed me to make millions fast.

To recap,

  1. You just have to follow a process like this and be willing to invest money to find the sources that convert for you.
  2. Always send solo ad traffic to your lead capture page to collect emails and then to a low cost $7-$49 offer immediately after optin.
  3. Follow up with your subscribers regularly and turn them into buyers.
  4. Put your buyers on a separate list and offer them a series of higher end, higher quality products. This will allow you to become profitable with solo ads and once you become profitable, you can scale fast.

Just go and take action and you will see good results.

If in case, you would like to save yourself the hassle of doing all of this yourself, you can apply to work with my company Solo Ads Agency (SAA) right here.

At SAA we use this exact process to find solo ads that consistently convert, and we place the orders for you.

We only work with a limited number of people every month, so feel free to apply and see if we can run traffic for your offer.

Hope you got a ton of value from this post. Let me know in the comments section below, share this on social media too! Let’s make it happen! 


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