The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine
With Hardly Any Competition
June 11th 2017
lately I’ve been using Snapchat a lot and all I can say is that it’s AWESOME. 

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to send pictures and videos 
to your friends & followers. Hmm that sounds very familiar right?

Yes but there is a difference.

Whatever you send via Snapchat gets SELF DESTRUCTED a few seconds 
after your recipient views it.

Now if you can use your imagination for a minute, you realize why Snapchat 
has become so successful.

In today’s world, people want to have some communications WITHOUT 
leaving any digital print behind (after all….manually deleting stuff is such a 
boring chore and sometimes sensitive things can get leaked if they are not 
handled carefully).

The idea of the “automatic destruction of data” is what makes Snapchat 
different from the rest.

For a long time, it was just yet another app that youngsters used but things 
started changing recently.

Snapchat started growing SUPER FAST.

Now it has over 100 million active daily users and this number is rising rapidly. 
In fact, Facebook realized the potential of Snapchat back in 2013 and tried to
acquire it for $3 billion and FAILED.

Today Snapchat is worth a WHOPPING $20 billion.

What does all this mean for you and me?

The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
Snapchat is in its early stages like how Facebook was at one point of time.

Those who made use of the Facebook wave reaped great rewards. 
Sadly I wasn’t one of them.

Even though I have heavily used and profited from Facebook, I didn’t get 
on the Facebook wave on time. But I don’t want to miss the Snapchat wave.

This is an awesome platform for marketers like you and me because it’s a 
GREAT WAY to build a rabid following who would hang on to every word we say.

After using it, I have been able to bag interviews of top experts, sell my high
ticket offers and build an ever growing and responsive audience group who 
look forward to hearing from me every single day.

Want to learn how I did it?
1. Build a list of Followers 
The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
Here’s how:

Snapchat is very different from other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
It does not give you any recommendations on whom to follow.

You need to know someone’s snapchat name or ID to be able to follow them.
So in this situation, how do you get followers? Simple...

Build an email list and email them and ask them to follow you on Snapchat 
to get cool content and updates.

Many will and within no time, you will have a set of followers to whom you 
can send content.

Another way to get followers would be to post your snapchat link and codes
on your other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.Testing has 
proved that a Snapchat follower is FAR MORE likely to consume your content 
than an average Facebook or Twitter follower.

So go ahead and do it.

Go get some followers!
The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
2. Send cool content for your followers
Here’s the thing:

A snapchat video can last ONLY 10 seconds.

It may sound incredibly stupid but it’s actually a pretty clever move. With 
Snapchat, people are FORCED to get to the point fast.

No pointless ramblings allowed.

No fluffy messages.

10 seconds is all you have for a video which means you have to put out 
valuable “to the point” content.

Which in turn leads to better consumption which leads to better engaged 
followers which leads to MORE SALES. At first I found it hard to create 
videos for just 10 seconds (it was like I would blink and the video would 
get over HAHA).

But after shooting a few videos, I got into the zone and started shooting 
RAW, UNCUT, UNCENSORED and COOL content that lasted just 10 seconds.

If you want to cover more points, then make like 4-5 videos to talk about 
4-5 different points.Post them on the story section where your followers 
can access it for 24 hours (it’s a new feature).

The cool thing about this is that if your followers are too slow to check it out, 
they risk missing out on the content altogether.

Now whenever there is a deadline, what do humans do?

We rush to check things out.

Basic human psychology.

And it works like a charm on Snapchat.

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3. Provide MASSIVE value
Don’t try to blatantly sell or pitch products on Snapchat.

You can’t do that anyways with 10 second videos.

Always try to give more and more value with your short videos.

Share good content that would be BENEFICIAL for your followers but at the same time, keep the content simple for easy consumption.

If you want to cover something in depth, then use blog posts for that…not Snapchat.

Just keep your content simple and valuable and soon your followers will look forward to your content every single day.

Creating content on Snapchat is SUPER EASY.

Just plan out what you are going to say, then use Snapchat to shoot a quick 10 second video on your mobile and share it.
4. Share Pictures (lots and lots of pictures)
Show people your REAL self.

Show them what’s happening in your life.

Take pictures of your surroundings and send them.

Your followers don’t just want your content…they are also interested in knowing you so GIVE THEM what they want.

Make them feel like they know you as if they are your close friend.

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The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
5. Post Frequently
When you spread out your video content and pictures, you can get your story on top of your followers’ feed and get more views.

If you have tons of cool content to share and you post it ALL at once, your followers may get fatigued watching one video after another.

At times, posting a lot of content at once may work but in general, it’s better to spread things out.

Consistency is the key.

Post daily and post frequently.

Drip feed value.
6.Get Your Followers To Respond To You (Critical Step)
Each video or picture you post is called a SNAP.

And when someone responds back to your snap, its called a snapback.

The whole purpose of you using Snapchat is to build a following to ATTRACT ideal customers.

And the best way to attract them is by asking them to send a snapback which initiates a conversation.

Once the conversation is initiated, you can understand the needs of those who respond to you and then offer them your solutions.

Getting snapbacks are NOT the same as getting likes or comments.

In Facebook, anyone can like or comment on your post. Its very easy to do that.

However on Snapchat, someone must take more efforts to send you a snapback.

The value of a snapback is more.

So provide cool content, get people to respond to your content so as to initiate conversation 
and close sales.

This is one of the secrets for me nailing down interviews with experts and closing high ticket sales.

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7.Get People On The Phone 
When someone sends you a snapback asking a question (and they seem like a serious prospect), 
you need to get them on a CALL with you.

Talk to them.

Understand their problems.

Offer your solution.

Close the damn deal.

So in this way, you are basically pinpointing your hyper responsive followers and converting them to sales. This is what I have been doing to get awesome results from Snapchat.

You should go ahead and try it too.

Right now, in our marketplace, our prospects are exposed to a lot of NOISE.

However if you can take them to an environment where there is less noise, they are more likely to consume your content and take action.

Snapchat does this better than anything else out there. It’s here to stay.

Make the best use of it.

The right time is NOW.

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The 20 Billion Dollar Marketing Machine With Hardly Any Competition
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