How To Overcome Obstacles
May 30th 2017
--The Secret To Success Is To Grow
       Bigger And Beyond Any Problems You Have In Life! 

Many face great obstacles to become successful because of the lack of COMMITMENT.

There are so many incredibly talented and gifted people who fail time and time again because 
they rely too much on their talents, others people or the corporate system. 

They are not willing to commit until they've completely MASTERED the skill of becoming
BIGGER the their problems. 

Instead, they quit when the going gets tough, full of problems and obstacles.

But today we are here to fix that and 
show you how to grow bigger then your problems below;
In the episode:
00:00 – The "Self-Development" Lesson
00:58 – The Cause Of Failure For Many
01:55 – Commitment and action steps for success 
03:17 – Ask for wisdom and guidance 
03:53 – What you should always remember

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The "Self-Development" Lesson
Alright, welcome to another episode of millionaire achievement accelerator.

i'm super exited because;

This lesson, i see so many people consume and shrink
and just sell themselves short in life.

here's todays lesson; 

— You must develop yourself to be bigger then any problem!

The secret top success is NOT to avoid you problems,
your challenges, your issues, your concerns...

is to simple GROW AWAY bigger and beyond than any
problems that you face in your life.
The Cause Of Failure For Many
what happens is USUALLY is...

If we have a problems like THIS, all our problems (tiny circle) 
and all our thoughts and our mind and our head is in this space

We get so consumed and some of you feel like the world is crushing us

No no no my friends....Listen, what you have to do is start off committing!

Tell yourself that you are going to out grow your problems, your going to out grow 
any challenges you face. You see when i was getting started in this industry of;

learning how to build an online business,

learning how to make a million dollars

learning how to make 10 million dollars...

I thought to myself that's so funny i thought when i get to x place, WHEN i make a million dollars, 
WHEN i make 10 million dollars, WHEN i live in a penthouse or WHEN i get the perfect women,

— All of my problems are going to simply go!...
Commitment And Action Steps For Success
And the beautiful thing about life is that no mater where your at
whether your completely dead broke and you've come across this video series...

or your someone who's already in a successful job... 

or your already making a million dollars... 

or your even making 100 million dollars,

what ever the case is, where ever your at in life, i don't care who you are. This is the guarantee fact!

You will ALWAYS have challenges

you will ALWAYS have problems

you will ALWAYS have issues,

you will ALWAYS have concerns

— The secret tho is to grow bigger and beyond then any problems that you face!


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And one of the fastest ways we can do that 

is by seeking mentorship,

is by seeking guidance, 

is by seeking coaching, 

is by seeking people that have the results 
you WANT and then GOING out to find 
them so that we can solve those problems.

We can be the bigger person beyond any challenges 
or any problems and i tell you this right now 
that its such a beautiful place to live by.
You know ...some people ask me; 

"hey shaq do you ever get stressed, you seem to be always smiling, always happy?" 

i get STRESSED every single day, i have CHALLENGES and PROBLEMS
that come every single day. But...

— In my core i am committed, i'm committed that i am bigger than any problem!
Ask For Wisdom & Guidance
You know when i pray, i pray that god guides me to become a better business man, 

A better marketer,

A better sales man, 

A better investor, 

A better person

A better leader...wright?

Now if you don't pray... Cool!
if you do, pray for that. Then take the right actions.

If you don't pray and you find that's not for you...fine, that's cool buddy
But just make that commitment and that action steps which is this;

Find the people that are actually got those results that you want,
that you dream about, that you desire, that you truly deserve and...
Go seek them out!

Go seek them out now!

That's going to give you AN EDGE to overcome any problem, any challenges.

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What You Should Always Remember
You are BIGGER than any problem,

You are BIGGER than any challenges,

You are BIGGER than any concerns you may have in life wright now...

I want you to remember that!

Hope you've enjoyed this episode, see you in the next episode of
millionaire achievement accelerator ;) bye for now.

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In the episode:
00:00 – The "Self-Development" Lesson
00:58 – The Cause Of Failure For Many
01:55 – Commitment and action steps for success 
03:17 – Ask for wisdom and guidance 
03:53 – What you should always remember
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