My Surprisingly Simple Secret To Making $15 Million In 6 Years Online

A lot of people come and ask me how I have built 5 multi million dollar businesses by the age of 26.

They find it pretty amazing that within a span of 6 years I have been able to achieve so much.

Since I get this question often, I thought I would take some time to write a heartfelt post to talk about what it takes to succeed online and tell you the ONE thing that allowed me to get amazing results in my business.

Let me be honest with you.

I wasn’t successful because I promoted some magic product or system.

Or because I used some magic traffic source.

Not at all…

I have promoted various products, services & business opportunities and tasted success.

I have used various traffic sources and have made a KILLING.

So why is it that someone like me is able to do everything and succeed while majority of the people fail no matter what product they promote, what traffic source they use, what system they join?

The answer to it lies in a FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT called P.V.L.

I will explain what that is in a minute before that I want to tell you about my past.

6 years back, I was broke, stuck at a dead end job and like many others, I was looking for a way to make money online.

I tried promoting different products…I tried getting traffic from SO MANY sources…but I failed every single time.

I had tried everything from PPC to article marketing to SEO to social media…NOTHING worked.

I was bleeding money with NOTHING to show for my efforts.

It was soul crushing to say the least.

It was at that point of time, I started looking at successful marketers (in and outside my niche) and I started noticing something common amongst them.

The closer I looked, the more obvious it seemed.

I noticed that ALL of the successful marketers possessed a VERY HIGH P.V.L.

I also noticed that ALL of the unsuccessful marketers like me (at that time) possessed a VERY LOW P.V.L.

What is this P.V.L?

It means Personal Value Level.

It’s the most important aspect that determines your success.

The amount of money you make today is a direct reflection of your P.V.L.

The amount of respect, recognition and rewards you receive today is a direct reflection of your P.V.L.

The way you get to live your dreams is a direct reflection of your P.V.L.

Let me elaborate.

You see, success is NOT about how much money you make or what car you drive or how you live life.

Those are BY PRODUCTS of success.

True success is all about becoming the KIND OF PERSON who deserves that success.

And that can ONLY be achieved when you increase your skill sets and attain MASTERY in your chosen field (aka a person of High Personal Value Level).

When you increase your P.V.L, you learn how to not only become successful but also REMAIN successful.

Think about it for a minute.

Why do lottery winners END UP BROKE within a few years?

It’s because they have a low P.V.L.

They never became someone who was worthy of the money they had won.


They have never had true success.


They just had paper notes (money) that the world considered as success.

Guess what happens next?

Due to their low P.V.L, they make bad decisions and blow all of that money.

Now it’s easy to think like:

“Why can’t these people just save a chunk of money in the bank and blow the rest of it like they please?”

While that sounds logical, life doesn’t work that way.

When you get what you don’t deserve (as in winning a lottery), your mind doesn’t understand that.

It starts THINKING that you deserve that success and this is where all the problems start.

Bad choices follow and the money is squandered away.

That’s why people with fluke success ALMOST ALWAYS end up going back to where they belong.

During my days of struggle, I started understanding this concept and I told myself:

“Ok fine, maybe my lack of success is because I am running around trying everything without mastering anything. I am not really focusing on one thing and developing my skills to succeed with it. I need to become a man WORTHY of success.”.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I focused on mastering one traffic source.

I liked the whole concept of Solo Ads where you pay money to a traffic expert and get 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000+ clicks in one shot.

I realized that if I could develop my skills to a point where I could make solo ads profitable, then the SKY is the limit.

So I started honing my skills and focused on this SPECIFIC DIRECTION, my results just exploded.

I just knocked it out of the park.

1000s of leads kept flying in daily and sales kept popping up left, right and center.

I went from zero to making $10,000 per month.

Then to $30,000 per month.

Then to $100,000 per month.

Then to $600,000 per month.

Then to almost $900,000 per month.

As of today, I have made over $15 million in 6 years and now my eyes are set to hit $100 million within the next few years.


And here’s another cool part:

My success with Solo Ads produced so much PROFITS that it allowed me to hire traffic professionals to get me traffic from various other sources.

To succeed, all you need is to get ONE METHOD RIGHT and once that happens, you have access to every method (and you don’t even have to get good at it because you can hire others to do it for you).

So coming back to the topic:

I broke away from the cycle of failure and made MASSIVE profits because I focused on mastering one thing.

And I actively worked towards increasing my P.V.L.

The more my P.V.L increased, the better my marketing funnels got.

(By the way, a marketing funnel is a multi step process that is designed to convert cold prospects into raving customers.)

The better my marketing funnels got, the more easier it was to get top tier customers & clients who were ready to pay me big bucks for my products & services.

You see, your prospects INTUITIVELY know whether you know your stuff or not.

If they smell desperation or poor skill sets from your side, they get turned off and won’t buy from you.

But if they sense that you are someone WORTHY enough to be followed, the whole game changes.

They start buying your products and services more easily.

They start seeking you out, ready to pay you big bucks for your advice.

They start implementing what you ask them to do.

It’s natural human tendency.

We gravitate towards people of high Personal Value Level (P.V.L).

Develop that and you too will become success.

Now the question is how do you increase your P.V.L and start getting results?

You increase your P.V.L by investing in yourself & mastering skills.

The more skilled you become, the better your marketing funnel will be and the more sales you will make.

While this is WHAT I DID, I must confess that it’s a long process that will take its own time.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Increasing my P.V.L was TOTALLY worthwhile (and I would advise you to do the same).

However I must also mention that it would probably take you a few months or years to truly get good at marketing…

And here’s where the problem lies.

It’s hard to spend months and even years, learning skills WITHOUT getting any tangible results.

But there is a WAY OUT.

Let me explain how it works:

Traditional path is like this:

Step 1 – Increase your P.V.L

Step 2 – Build a high quality marketing funnel that educates your prospects and sells them on your products and services

Step 3 – Gain the respect of your prospects who will become your top tier customers & clients

This is the slow way (which no doubt works).

But there is a FASTER way to achieve the same results.

All you need to do is INTERCHANGE the steps.

Step 1 – Get a high quality marketing funnel BUILT for you by experts

Step 2 – Gain the respect of your prospects and get top tier customers & clients

Step 3 – While you are GETTING RESULTS, work towards increasing your P.V.L

So this way, you will be able to get RESULTS while you are mastering your skills.

And this ONE thing can change your business.

What’s the BIGGEST MOTIVATOR in the world?


If you see TANGIBLE RESULTS from your marketing (say you make $2352 in one week)…

Wouldn’t that pump you up?

Wouldn’t that make you more committed towards developing your skills?

Wouldn’t that make you fully focused on growing and expanding your online business?

Of course it would.

That’s why the FASTER way produces a LOT of success stories.

It’s the simple, less resistant path towards success.

In today’s times:

  1. Your prospects need to be ENGAGED via multiple formats in order for them to buy from you. Which means, they need to be communicated via audio, video and text.
  2. Your prospects need to be educated well so that they understand WHY they need to be investing in your products and services
  3. Your prospects need to be sold to in the right manner (if your sales message is too weak or too pushy, you won’t make a lot of sales – you need to strike up the right balance)

And to do ALL of the above, you need a good marketing funnel.

Now creating such a funnel ON YOUR OWN will take time (as you need to work hard to increase your P.V.L and then build a funnel).

But when you get such a funnel BUILT by experts, you can be up and running fast and be producing sales left, right and centre.

If getting your own funnel built by experts sounds exciting to you, then I have some great news for you.

I have a service called Guru Funnels where my team builds killer marketing funnels for our clients.

We have already built tons of funnels for different clients and it has been a SMASHING SUCCESS.

The reason why it has been such a success is because my team is experienced in building  funnels that produce 6 and 7 figures.

So if you would love to…

  1. Stand out in a crowded marketplace..
  2. Become the GO TO PERSON that your prospects would love to work with..
  3. Sell premium products, charge higher fees ($2000+) and get TONS of customers to buy..
  4. Create an expert positioning hub..

…then I invite you to check out this page and sign up for a completely free strategy session with one of my 6 figure earner coaches who will look at your business and put together a funnel plan.

And if you LOVE what we show you in that free strategy session, we will go ahead and build a funnel for you FROM SCRATCH.

A funnel that can help you get to 6 figures WHILE you are working towards increasing your P.V.L.

At the end of the day, success in online marketing is all about COMMUNICATING THE VALUE of our products & services to your prospects.

When you do that, you ENRICH the lives of those who invest in your products.

A great marketing funnel does JUST THAT.

It helps people (not just the marketer but the end consumer too).

So get a powerful funnel built for you (which is great for getting results NOW) and increase your P.V.L (which is great for sustaining your results).

Do both and you will grow FASTER than ever.

All the best.

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– Shaqir Hussyin
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