Instagram Traffic Secrets Of Marketing Influencers

Did you know that Instagram has 400 million monthly active users?

So basically 28% of the internet users are logging into this site every single month.

This means that you have got a HUGE OPPORTUNITY on your hands.

When Google got a lot of people visiting it, advertisers made millions.

When Facebook got a lot of people visiting it, advertisers made millions.

Now Instagram is doing the same and the BEST PART is that these are early days where there is little competition.

No wonder marketers are going crazy about Instagram.

If you know how to use this platform, you can get in front of your perfect audience and start generating leads and sales for your business FAST.

Wanna learn how to do it?

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use Instagram to grow your business.

Step 1 – Create Your Instagram Account, Choose Your Username & Add In Your Bio

Ideally, your username should be either your own name or your brand’s name.

Usernames on Instagram feature very prominently so make sure you choose a memorable one. It would help you market yourself better.

The next step is to add in your bio where you get to REALLY PROMOTE yourself and your website.

Actually there are only 2 places where you can add your website url on Instagram. One is in your bio and another is in your Instagram ads (we will cover that later).

So make sure you create a really good bio that gets people clicking on your website link.

Here’s a proven template for it:


Ask a question? Or a ‘How to xyz'…(fill in your offer)

Then follow that up with your offer and add a link.

Here’s how it would look:

Looking to generate high quality leads via Youtube? Get my Youtube formula that allows me to generate 25-127+ leads per day.

Of course, this is not the only way to create a bio but you get the idea.

Now if you notice, I used a raw link in the bio above.

Ideally, that’s not recommended.

It’s better to use shortened links in your bio.


For 2 reasons:

One, shortened links look pretty.

Two, you can track your visitors when you use shortened links.

There are 2 famous free tools for shortening your website link.

Google’s link shortener –

Bit Ly –

So go to any of these sites, post your link and get your trackable shortened link which you can use in your bio.

Step 2 – Create Good Quality Instagram Posts

The goal of your Instagram posts is to engage your followers (we will cover how you can get followers in a bit) and drive traffic to your site.

Here’s an example of an Instagram post:


As you can see, it has several components:

  1. Image

Instagram is a 100% visual content medium.

Image is everything here.

So always use HIGH QUALITY images for your Instagram posts.

There are several places you can find high quality images.

The best option is through Google search.

Just search for “free images for commercial use” and you will get a bunch of websites from where you can get free stock images to use.

An example would be which is extremely famous for high quality free images.

Also make sure you add text to your images. It makes your images stand out and helps you connect with your followers better.

You can also add your website link as text to your image. This will help you drive some traffic to your site.

Now there are also several tools that you can use to add text to your images.

Just search for “add text to images” on Google and you will get a bunch of tools.

You can also use which is extremely good tool for adding text to images.

Then there is Microsoft Powerpoint.

You just need to upload your image as the background in your slide, add text, then take a screenshot and edit out the main image via Paint.

There are so many options out there for finding images and adding text. Just look around and find which ones work the best for you.

  1. Caption

Use captions to describe your image. Add in a line or two about your thoughts. You can even use emojis to make the caption eye catching.

  1. Link

If you want to get people to visit your website, then you need to add a call to action.

As I mentioned before, Instagram allows you to have clickable links only in your bio and in your Instagram ads.

So if you want to send people to your website through your regular Instagram posts, you can post something like:

“Want to learn how to generate 25-127+ leads per day using Youtube? Click the link in my bio to get more information”

If you want to post a specific link that is NOT in your bio, then you can do something like:

“Want to get my $620K per month funnel formula?

Copy paste the following link to get more information”

When your followers copy paste that link, they will be taken to where you want them to go. And since you are using link shortener, you can still track your visitors.

You can also add videos on Instagram with a caption, call to action and a link. When you do videos, make sure you show your website link in your video.

Like this:


Always remember this:

While Instagram is a great way to get traffic, it’s still a social platform at the end of the day.

So make sure you focus on keeping things fun and social to keep the engagement high.

Try mixing things up a little.

Post lifestyle images.

Post images from your daily life (if you want).

Post inspirational quotes.

Post high value videos.

Post images with direct call to action to go to your site.

Keep your followers engaged and you will see pretty good results.

Step 3 – Grow Your Instagram Following Through Free Methods

The name of the game is increasing your followers.

More eyeballs = More people viewing your posts = More traffic, leads & sales

There are a couple of neat ways for you to grow a list of followers from SCRATCH.

Way 1 – Follow Unfollow

Now this is an approach that some might scoff at but it really works.

As long as you use it responsibly, you will get good results from it.

Now here’s what you need to do:

Just search for big Instagram accounts in your niche, go to their followers list and start following them one by one (you can follow up to 60 people per day).

When people see that you are following them, around 30% of them will usually follow you back.

This way you will start gaining followers. Now since Instagram has a limit on how many people you can follow, make sure you unfollow those who don’t follow you back.

Simple and easy.

There is a tool called Crowdfire that allows you to automate this process.

Way 2 – Share For Shares

After gaining a few followers, you can simply reach out to Instagram accounts (in your niche) that have a similar amount of followers as yours and ask them if they would be willing to swap followers.

In other words, a share for share.

You make a post where you promote the other account to your set of followers and the other account does the same.

This way, both of you get to increase your follower list.

This is a highly effective way to quickly grow your following.

Way 3 – Hashtags

Whenever you make any post, use a lot of relevant hashtags.

This way people who are searching on Instagram can find your post and follow you.

Check the popular Instagram accounts in your niche to get a list of good hashtags to use.

Way 4 – Engage With People

There are 3 ways to engage with people to gain followers:

  1. Engage with people who are already following you

When you like and comment on the posts they make, you will get in front of their followers and some of them would most likely follow you.

  1. Engage with people who are following BIG & FAMOUS accounts in your niche

When you like and make insightful comment on the posts in there, you will get in front of a lot of people. This will help you gain a lot of followers.

  1. Engage with people who posted relevant hashtags

Simply search for your industry terms in Instagram and engage with posts that use those hashtags.

There is a tool called Ingress that allows you to automate engagement (likes and comments). Its recommended that you use it to automate only likes. Also keep it in slow or normal mode. Heavy duty usage of it can get your Instagram account shut down.

So these are 4 ways you can use to grow your Instagram following for free.

Step 4 – Grow Your Instagram Following Through Paid Methods

If you want to get a LOT of followers fast, then paid methods are much better.

Way 1 – Shout Out

You can get a big, well known, authority accounts to share your content (shoutout) for a fee.

Basically what they will do is share your post to their followers and in one shot, you will get a flurry of followers.

Typically speaking, you can get 20-50 followers from a shout out from an account with 500,000 followers.

You can also get authority accounts to post a SCREENSHOT of your account where they ask their followers to follow you.

This will help you gain far more followers.

Way 2 – Instagram Ads

You can reach out to a HUGE audience on Instagram using their ad platform.

Instagram allows you to target people by their interests which means you can find your exact audience and get in front of them.

There are 3 types of Instagram Ads:

Image Ads – You can promote a single image with a caption and call to action.


Video Ads – You can promote videos that are up to 30 seconds long. The videos can be either in landscape or portrait mode.


Carousel Ads – You can promote up to 4 images as part of your carousel. This allows you to tell a story through your images.


The best part about Instagram ads is that you can include a clickable Learn More button that will take people to the link you want.

Give Instagram ads a shot. Its by far the fastest and most powerful way to build a following and generate traffic from Instagram.

Step 5 – Drive Traffic From Your Instagram Following

Now that you know how to post on Instagram and build a following, let’s look at how to USE your following to get website traffic.

First, you need a posting schedule.

Decide on how many times you want to post per day and plan out your posts well in advance.

You can do 1 post per day…or 3 posts per day…or 5 posts per day….just take a call and stick to it.

Next, you need a promotion plan.

You don’t want all your posts to be promoting the same link.

You need to promote different things to maximize your traffic.

So promote blog posts.

Promote videos.

Promote your lead magnets.

Whenever you create any new content, announce it to your Instagram followers and ask them to check it out.

Make a list of what types of content you want to promote in a week, when you want to promote it and follow the plan.

Keep things interesting and make your followers look forward to what you will post about next.

You will get a lot of traffic.

Social media is all about consistency, value and fun.

Step 6 – Turn Your Traffic Into Leads & Sales

No matter how much traffic you generate or what source you use….you need to turn them into leads & sales to grow your business.

  1. So start by creating better lead magnets that people would want to check out. Reports, checklists and short videos work very well in getting people to opt into your list.
  2. Start emailing your list daily with valuable, educational and entertaining content. When you do it right, you will soon see sales flowing in.
  3. Craft education webinars (with an irresistible offer) and invite people from your email list to attend. A well presented webinar can help you make a flurry of sales overnight.

Keep working on improving your conversion funnel and soon you will start seeing real tangible results in your business.

Instagram is growing rapidly every single day.

So go out there and rock this new traffic source.


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