5 Easy Lessons To Writing Emails That Bring In $1000 A Day Or More

Have you ever experienced the thrill of waking up late in the morning, grabbing a cup of hot steaming coffee and then sitting down to open up your laptop, log into your account and see 1293 new leads and $1367 in overnight commissions sitting pretty?

You then spend the next 30-45 minutes writing a simple email to send to your list and take your day off.

You come back in the evening to check your account again and see 512 new leads and $1209 in extra commissions.

Have you ever experienced that kind of a day?

I have and let me tell you that it feels FANTASTIC.

It makes you feel on top of the world.

And It’s not about the money actually…

It’s about the FREEDOM.

Freedom that allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want and still be able to make pretty decent sums of money effortlessly.

This may sound like a guru dreamland story but let me assure you that this is a realistic possibility for ANYONE who has the will and desire to do what it takes to succeed.

Personally, I do 10-20X better than the numbers I mentioned above.

$10,000 – $20,000 per day consistent income.

Every email I craft for my list is worth around $15,000 in income for me.

Sounds cool right?

But I will be honest with you.

I work HARD on my business.

I don’t have to but I do. I could easily be making $1000 – $5000 per day taking vacations and working 45 minutes per day but that’s NOT my dream.

My dream is to build a BILLION DOLLAR company and I am not going to stop at anything.

But for most people, that’s not the dream.

Most people just want to have a relaxed lifestyle with a nice sufficient income while working a few hours per day and that’s totally fine. 🙂

I have taught my students how to do the same and many of them are living the dream by making upwards of $1000 per day with minimal efforts.

Some of them have gone on to do much better and created multi million dollar businesses for themselves.

All of this comes down to a single marketing method which if applied properly will allow you to create rapid profits in your business.

And the best part about it is that it will make your customers love and thank you for being so awesome.

So what is it?

Personality Marketing Infused With The Power Of Daily Emails.

When used correctly, this can transform your business and life faster than you could have ever imagine.

Let me give you a small glimpse of it.

  1. When I used this skill to grow my traffic agency, I turned it into a million dollar business.
  2. When I used it to promote Empower Network, I turned it into a million dollar business too.
  3. When I used it to promote MOBE, I made 3 million.
  4. When I used it to promote my Guru Funnel services, I made millions.
  5. When I used it to promote my live events, coaching programs and courses, I made millions again.

Personality marketing infused with the power of daily emails is my secret to creating 5 different million dollar business by the age of 25.

So what does that exactly mean?

It’s basically the art of writing emails DRIPPING with emotions, story and experiences that connect with people on a deeper level and make them look forward to hearing from you and buying products from you.

Here’s how you do it:

Lesson 1 – Create A Magnetic Personality Of Yourself

If you want to influence people, you need to have a strong personality.

The worst ever thing you can ever do in marketing is be BORING.

You might as well quit your business if you plan to be boring.

In fact, being 100% wrong is better than being boring.

You would make more money by being interesting and wrong than you can ever make by being boring.

Of course, I am not asking you to write false stuff in your emails but point is that you need to be interesting in your marketing and to do that, you need to identify the kind of personality that you want to be.

There are basically 2 ways to do this:

Way 1 – Tap into your inner personality and let your opinionated self shine through.

Don’t shy from writing emails that reveal who you are and what your views are.

People are sick and tired of politically correct, boring emails.

They want to hear from people speak from their heart.

They want genuineness and honesty.

Give it to them.

If in case, you find your personality isn’t interesting enough or you don’t have much of an opinion about various things (yet), then there is another way out.

Way 2 – Construct your own personality (this is fun)

Create an online character.

A character that you would FANTASIZE to be.

Construct the entire character from start to finish.

Write out the character’s backstory, where he comes from, what are his beliefs, how he/she is as a person, etc.

You can even use a pen name if you want (though I would suggest you use your own name).

Eben Pagan used a pen name “David De Angelo” to build a multi million dollar business in the dating field.

Same way, there was a guy who used a pen name “ The Rich Jerk” to make millions in the online marketing space.

There is nothing wrong in using pen names. As long as you promote good products and you treat your customers well, people don’t care.

What they DO care about is how you communicate with them, connect with them and make them FEEL.

There are several personality styles that you could adopt.

Here are a few examples:

You could create a personality where you are the “direct no nonsense guy/gal who just speaks the blunt truth” and people would LOVE you for it. Mike Dillard uses this style.

Or you could a personality where you are the “caring person who politely explains various things to people”. Ann Sieg uses this style.

Or you could create a personality where you are the “lovable jerk who doesn’t mind offending people with his truth bombs and swearing”. Gary Vaynerchuck uses this style.

There are many other personality styles too.

Use a style that feels natural to you.

Become a Superhero to your audience.

Do that and you will be shocked to see how many people resonate with you and end up buying from you.

Lesson 2 – Be Controversial

A lot of times what happens is that people feel the urge to say something but they don’t do it.


Because they are too scared to say it.

Or because they are just being politically correct

Now when someone speaks out the truth and says what needs to be said, that connects with a lot with people and they start rallying behind him.

It’s human psychology.

Take for example guys like Howard Stern, Simon Cowell, etc.

People either love them or hate them.

But what ALL of them do is give them ATTENTION.

The most valuable commodity for a marketer is attention.

When you got that, your business takes off.

You see, people LOVE characters who can entertain them.

They can’t resist such people.

When you start being controversial and entertaining, you will find people attracted to you like a moth to a flame.

Not everyone will like you or buy from you.

But a lot of people will.

And that’s WHAT matters.

For example:

If you find the products being in the marketplace are crap (including those of gurus), call them OUT (you don’t have to name the gurus directly).

If you find dishonest or disingenuous marketing taking place, call them out.

If you find sheep mentality due to clichéd advice by experts that has no context, call them out.

And the list goes on and on on.

When you speak out, you INSTANTLY look different from all the other marketers who tip toe around many issues.

Don’t be afraid to speak what you genuinely believe in.

As long as you are not controversial for the sake of it, you will do VERY VERY WELL.

Lesson 3 – Consistency Leads To Supreme Trust


Any action performed repeatedly makes us trust it would work the same way forever.

When you go to your home after work and switch on the lights, you don’t pay attention to see whether it will work or not.

Your mind simply expects your room to be lit the moment you flick the switch on.


Because of consistency.

Whenever you have flicked the switch on in the past, your room has always been lit.

So now your subconscious mind starts expecting it.

Same applies for people too.

You don’t start trusting anyone on Day 1.

But the more you know a person and his character, the closer the bond becomes.

And then one day you find yourself so close to him that you would share ANYTHING in this world with him.


It creates magic.

And that’s what daily emails are all about.

I have had countless situations where I would receive an email from a marketer and I would skim through it and not think much about it.

But as the days and weeks pass by and I keep receiving an email from the same marketer giving me awesome value and entertainment, I start feeling a strong bond with him.

And on one fine day, I decide that I NEED to have his product and whip out my card and buy it.

Consistent action isn’t sexy but it’s very very powerful.

That’s why I send emails to create a crazy amount of trust amongst my subscribers who then end up becoming my customers and clients one day.

I have had people literally come up and tell me (in live events) how they went from casual onlookers to semi interested prospects to hyper interested prospects to customers to raving fans.

Lesson 4 – Tell Stories. Lots And Lots Of Stories.

Humans have long been fascinated by stories.

It’s hard wired into our DNA.

When you tell a story, you can impart data and lessons and people would devour it with almost no resistance.

Here’s a simple demonstration of it:

Give a lecture to kid about the world history from 1000-1500 AD.

Make a note of how many of those kids doze off by the end of your 2 hour lecture.

Now turn the same lecture into a story form and talk about empires, rivalries, expansions, political backstabbing, trades and see how kids react to it.

They would LITERALLY devour the information.

That’s the power of stories.

And that’s why I write a lot about my experiences, adventures and screw ups in my emails to promote various products.

People LOVE reading those stories in my emails and buying from me.

When it comes to stories, you don’t have to dream up crazy epic fantasies to blow away your audience.

What people want is easy entertainment.

Basically simple realistic stories (that happen in everyday life) mixed with your personality.

Once when I was with my family on a vacation and we missed our flight.

So I had to call up my attendant to book another flight and my sister was amazed that I didn’t bat an eyelid in spite of having to book 3 more tickets for a long distance flight (that would cost quite a bit).

I turned that into an email and it did very well.

Anything works.

You could turn your daily office commute experience into a story and make sales.

You could turn going to a supermarket experience into a story and make sales.

You could turn your misfortune (when you were scammed) into a story and make sales.

You could turn the proud moments of your life into a story and make sales.

You could turn gossip in your industry into a story and make sales.

The thing that makes marketing via stories even more amazing is that you can stand out from the crowd even when you use the SIMPLEST of stories.

There may be countless marketers in a niche but there is only ONE YOU who has that experience which is narrated as a story.

So start using stories more.

Lesson 5 –  Talk About A Variety Of Topics In Your Email

Just because you are in the internet marketing field does NOT mean you only have to talk about certain topics and stay inside it.

You can talk whatever you want and you will connect with people better.

Let’s say there was a Football finals game that happened the previous night.

If you are a football fan, you could rant and rave about the last night’s game.

Your subscribers (who are into football) would dig it and look forward to your future emails too.

You see, people are DYING to be entertained for at least a few minutes.

Imagine the life of an average person on a particular day.

They have to deal with their boring job, deal with office politics, get some work done and complete tasks before their deadlines….and in this whole chaos, if they get a piece of email which they can sit back, relax and enjoy reading for 5 minutes….that would get them away from the drudgery of their job and cheer them up a LOT.

And small things like these go a LONG way in making them feel very close to you.

You can write about sports or politics (don’t over do politics haha) or nature or world economy or latest news (golden way to stay relevant and gain attention).

Imagine your daily emails to be like a daily talk show.

Now just go and speak WHATEVER you want and tie that up with the product you are promoting.

You will get more engagement and definitely more sales which will allow you to grow fast.

So there you go.

These 5 lessons pretty much sums up the concept of personality marketing through daily emails.

Use them correctly and it can do WONDERS for your business.

The best part of this is that once you get into it, you will ENJOY writing these simple 300-500-800 word emails everyday.

And nothing is better in this world than spending 30 minutes a day doing something you LOVE and banking at least $1000 for that day.

Life’s good when that happens.

And with daily emails the way I taught you now, it’s TOTALLY possible.

So go out there and start emailing your list.

Learn the process.

Enjoy the process.

Make profits from the process.


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