19 Killer Tools I Use To Run A Multi-Million Dollar Internet Business


Do you want to know what softwares, tools and resources that I use to run a multi-million dollar business on the internet?

Some are so simple, you'll be shocked, don't overthink this, just get using.

I've always wanted to create this for my own personal team, and I wanted to share it with only my SHIC Mastermind Members, then I thought, I’ll add some more stuff and share it for free with all my subscribers of my Money Getting Insider's Newsletter. 🙂

Running, starting and growing a business takes time, money and resources. I've given you simple, amazing (some are even free) to use to help you get more clarity, obliterate overwhelm, find more organisation so you aren't overwhelmed by all the 101 things out there in the Internet Land!

Just “ONE” of these resources can be a total game-changer for your business, I know you will love these!

Let me know which ones you are already using and which ones are your favourite, posts in the comments section below…

OK, let's get started…

Trello – The free project management software that lets you organise your thoughts, your daily actions. Here's an example of a project board that I have that my team, my project manager Lisa aka Goldielocks has access to, she keeps me accountable on these things getting done (or tries to!)

You can create lists, boards, deadlines, checklists, attach attachments, and a lot more. Best thing – it's totally fun & free to use. I did upgrade to the Gold version I think it costs $4 a month or something. I am always testing new services, for now Trello is working great.


LeadPages.net – My #1 choice for creating landing pages and the whole shazaam.

This is the ultimate “Conversion Optimisation Software”, it's an easy to use software for creating capture pages, sales video pages, webinar pages, launch pages, and basically any page you need to build a marketing funnel without the ability to code, is LeadPages.net.

It has everything you need to create a 7-figure business, from lead capture, to split-testing, to sales pages. I personally use this service every single day and it's been responsible for generating multiple 7 figures, LeadPages has been a game changer for my business and clients.

ClickFunnels.com is an alternative to LeadPages – I use this to create effective, simple & high converting sales pages and entire sales funnels, I think it's a bit more pricey and in my opinion it's still valuable to get to keep in your arsenal, the creator Russel Brunson is a friend of mine and I got him to give away a free trial account for my clients, but I’m extending that free offer to all readers of this report, use this link to grab a free trial account.

AWeber The most important piece of software you'll ever be using to create your list of subscribers, your customers and building your lifetime asset.

Email marketing is the entire foundation of my online business, which generates as much as $10,000 a day, every day.

This is the tool that even if I lost everything, armed with my list of subscribers and clients, I could easily build a 7-figure business in less than 12 months. That's “Ultimate Asset, Security, Power & Influence”. >>> No ego thing, just the frame of reference 😉

AWProTools amazing little tool that some of the biggest marketers use to segment their leads, remember the big money from e-mail marketing comes from these 3 words: Relationship, Segmentation & Cultivation. You better write those 3 words down on a sticky and post it on your laptop or on the mirror to read each day.

ClickMagick  – This is the fastest, easiest way to split test your solo ads, your Facebook ads, your traffic links. Create multiple links to test your traffic visitors and optimise for maximum conversions.

GetResponse I use this to add my best clients on there segmented so I can communicate with them differently then I do from my main newsletter. You don't have to do this; I do this to make sure

Solo Ads Agency do you need high quality traffic to your website? Then this is the premium source for Done For You Traffic for the Home Business Industry, helping thousands of people get more traffic to their online website. I'm obviously biased, as I own this service myself 🙂

Wufoo is a simple little site where I set up surveys, conversation starter campaigns where people who are serious about working with myself can give me more information about themselves and i can help them move forward and succeed.

You can see an example of my survey here; everyone now models and even rips off my entire survey questions too. lol. I've been using this for the last 5 years and this little known ‘mind reading' technique has been responsible for generating millions of dollars for myself.

Bluemic is where you can find the “Yeti” microphone I use to record my audio. Clear, concise sound comes from this, if you use your voice this little thing is a must have on your desk. You can pick them up at from Amazon too.

It's an online business opportunity that I’ve been using to create a side income of over $1million in the last 12 months. All results will vary. By application ONLY.

Toggl.com – Time each thing you are doing online, so you aren't mindlessly on Facebook and wasting time on social media. What gets measured gets improved, so as a marketer and a business person you gotta make sure you are managing your time.

GoToWebinar – Sign up for a free 30-day trial and host your first webinar. Host it to your list even if you have 5 people attend, just do it. Get great at doing webinars and you will be able to create an amazing control of how you are able to manifest tons of sales online. This is the best way to recruit people even if you hate closing people on the phone and don't want to be talking to anyone. Push-Button recruiting comes from having a well-developed list of subscribers and an amazing high converting webinar.

DropBox.com I just started using this the other day, lol. This really is one of the most amazing tools you will ever use in your online marketing arsenal. Store your computer hard drive on the cloud.

Klipfolio – this is more advanced and I’m getting used to using this myself personally, this is more pricey, I think I had to pay around $2,000 and around $200 a month just for this, don't worry my next resource is free and you can use it to personally track your stats, commissions and analytics.

Putler – this is a easier, cheaper (free) option that will help you manage your data collection and processing work.

Evernote – Forget that you will be forgetting things, just note this in your online notebook, everyone needs to have this on their computer, it really is the ultimate notebook, I use a checklists and my daily to do. Sign up for the premium version for £5 a month or something dirt-cheap. Organise your thoughts, your projects, and your daily to do tasks.

Anti-Social.cc this saves me from wasting time on social media sites, although it seems I am always on my Facebook or on my twitter, I actually ain't always there 🙂

Let me explain, as an entrepreneur your job with social media is not to sit there and like everyone's posts and waste endless hours searching thru gossip or pretty girls (guys – I’m talking to you here) or ladies, your job is not to go thru the pics of your ex'es.

I was that guy who would spend, waste so much time on social media – now I have pretty much 4 links that I access and only access those to post:

And I go in, I post what i need to post and that's it, I’m out.

https://www.facebook.com/shaqir.hussyin (Public Facebook Profile)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/shaqirhussyin/ (Free for subscribers – over 15,000+ people here)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/XXXXXXXXX (Private) * for clients that have paid $1,297 and upwards

https://www.facebook.com/groups/XXXXXXXXX  (Private) *for my $20,000 – $50,000 coaching students.

Wistia – Getting a video online used to be crazy complicated. Back in the Wild West days of the Web. But now there’s Wistia. Which makes it super easy to upload and embed videos anywhere on your website. This is not cheap, it's not really that expensive too -I think I pay around $200 – $300 a month for this. You can always host your videos on YouTube if you are trying to save money.

Those are my main resources that i use to generate multiple millions on the Internet.


AthleticGreens.com – This is my morning “Super-Man” drink that I drink every single day, when I travel around the world this is the second most important thing I travel with, the first is a prayer mat. This drink has changed my life, I subscribe to get 2-4 tubs every month and my mum even likes drinking this.

Unlike most green drinks, I’ve tried a ton of them, this one truly tastes delicious, has a sweet aftertaste and you'll actually enjoy drinking this.

AlphaBrain – I started taking brain boosting tablets a little while ago, I have seen in myself a different level of focus, so every morning (some days I miss) most mornings, I’ll crack open the little jar and shoot down 2 of those brain pills to get myself in the groove.

Yerba Mate – I'm a big fan of tea, I’m a tea-addict, I literally have a whole big cupboard of teas, teas that I collect from all over the world, I buy all sorts of different teas, sometimes I will tell students and friends to buy me tea from different countries, lol. If you want to make me happy – BUY ME SOME TEA 😉

Actually I’m writing this whilst drinking Jasmine Green Tea in Grosvenor Hotel, in Buckingham Palace Road, London 🙂

Amongst drinking all different types, flavours of teas – YerbaMate was recommended to me by Tim Ferriss a year ago or more, and I’ve been drinking it a lot since then, I try to always add my own unique flavour to it, so I’ll drop in a YogiTea bag to add more flavour. Yerba Mate has very powerful anti-oxidants and is something that you may enjoy and even see a boost in clarity in your thinking.

MIND HACK 1: Each day I wake up and I’ll pray many times and I’ll give gratitude thanks, I’ll think of all the things I’m grateful for, I’ll review yesterday's tasks and I’ll pick out what things I did yesterday that made me a winner.

MIND HACK 2: I discovered this lesson from my coach Dan Sullivan, who runs the highest level coaching program for successful entrepreneurs, and it's a mastermind that I joined recently, so how do you become a WINNER?

He advises to download his free app WinStreak and note down three things that made you a winner.   I'll list 3 things out each day that made the day a winner, they don't always have to be with money or stats or commissions.

They are sometimes listing one random act of kindness I did today, someone I touched deeply or a heart-warming message I got from one of subscribers and clients.

MIND HACK 3: Each day I ask myself who can I hire to help me reach my goals faster, who can I invest with to take me to that next level. Now I am not mother Teresa, but I can deffo help you create a lucrative business Claim Your $397 Gift – IncomeKickstarter.com 

The fastest way I know how to become successful in anything in life and avoid costly mistakes is simply to find people who are getting the results you want and model after them.

OK, so I hope you enjoyed reading this, keep it on your desktop for future reference.

You can send feedback to support@shaqirhussyin.com

– Shaqir Hussyin

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