Calling All AWESOME Traffic Managers...

I'm Looking For The ULTIMATE
Website Traffic Manager

From the desk of Shaqir Hussyin

Re: The ULTIMATE Website Traffic Manager

If you're the best traffic generator and people-manager going around, and you want to manage and grow some already insane traffic numbers, while managing staff members both in the office and remotely, I have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

Here's the deal: I run a number of business that either sell traffic to clients, or get huge amounts of traffic themselves (or both) and I need an on-the-ball Website Traffic Manager to manage all this traffic plus my traffic team.

And of course I'll pay you handsomely for the honor.

My search has begun - I'm looking for..

The ULTIMATE Traffic Manager

Here's A Few Attributes Of My Ultimate
Traffic Manager (Also What I'm NOT Looking For...)

  • You move at WARP SPEED! We work fast and you need to strap yourself to our rocket and hop aboard for the ride of a lifetime. If you find your feet aren't touching the ground at all - you're doing it right!
  • You LIVE Out Of The Box. This ain't no boring-as-batshit accounting firm or spare parts supplier, I run very different online businesses and few even understand them at all, so you'll need to think on the run.
  • You have the work ethic of a CHAMPION! Visitors, leads and sales pour into my businesses in HUGE numbers - there's no let-up and you need to be on the ball!
  • You absolutely ADORE what you do. This is clockwatchers! Your focus needs to be on getting the job done - not getting the job done before the whistle blows. Heck, there isn't a whistle anyway. I don't even have a clock in my office, so if that's your thing, you're not a good fit for me. This doesn't mean you have no life - but you might not get down the pub for a pint too often...
  • You can tolerate ME! I don't suffer fools (and neither should you). I can be very demanding...but I've discovered that's what it takes to succeed in business.
  • You have truly ASTOUNDING attention to detail. Let's face it - I'm a 'big picture' guy. It'll be up to you to manage content, providers, submissions, etc. This is an autonomous role.
  • You are a DIAMOND. Diamonds are created under pressure - and you'll find yourself in plenty of situations where you need to be lighting fast, ultra accurate and absolutely perfect, all in a very very short space of time.
  • GREAT Project Management Skills. I run complex, fast-moving business which will require you to be at the top of your game, right from day 1.
  • You're An INNOVATOR! There are plenty of tried-and-true principles you'll be using...but I'll be relying on YOU to come up with truly awesome ideas and implement them.

This isn't a 'normal' workplace, or a 'normal' role, so I don't want normal people to apply for this position. I'm looking for The Ultimate Traffic Manager. I'll be relying on you to manage tons of traffic and our traffic team, so get ready to rock.

Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Be Doing:

Great news: Your job role will vary all the time - whether you're working on a new traffic strategy, running meetings with your traffic team, every day will be completely different. So if you DREAD waking up every day and doing the same damn thing - you'll LOVE IT here.

And you could be doing all this from the UK office, or from a resort in Bali, or anywhere in between (as long as there's an internet connection)

Here's just a small sample of the kinds of tasks you'll be doing:

  • Overseeing and project-managing digital marketing and traffic delivery businesses
  • Creating online traffic campaigns from conception to delivery for internal and external clients
  • Building online communities and acquiring fans, followers etc through partnerships
  • Driving traffic to internal and external websites via content marketing/syndication
  • Managing external support and working with 3rd parties

Required Skills

There's something you need to understand about this role - I move really, really fast, and I need you to keep up with me. And I can't have someone learning as they go, starting slowly and trying to catch up later.

So you need to be very very good...

  • Number 1 priority: Fast, Fast, FAST! It's hectic around here - and that's a GOOD THING. That's how we beat the competition - so I need you to keep up!
  • A positive, entrepreneurial mindset. This is no ordinary role where you clock out at 5pm on the dot, I need someone who can treat this role like their own business and do what it takes to make it a success. clock watchers!
  • Top notch teamwork, communication skills, and attitude. My team runs like a well-oiled machine because everyone pulls together and has a great attitude. Anyone who isn't a team play will very quickly find themselves on the outside.
  • Great time management and scheduling skills. You'll have plenty of work to do - but you shouldn't have to work 80hrs a week to get it done - be super-awesomely efficient!
  • Attention to detail. I'm a bit of a perfectionist - that's one factor behind my success. So I need every bit of content marketing we do to be perfect - one mistake could cost a lot of money.
  • General Awesomeness! I'm only looking for WINNERS! You need great relationship building skills, problem solving, efficiency and 'street smarts'.

Compensation and Getting Paid

Finally - we get to the fun part!

Look, I know you actually scrolled down here first to check the salary I'm offering, but I'll overlook that for now. Because for the right person, with the right skills and by far most importantly the right attitude, you stand to get paid an absolute mint.

And the other thing you'll absolutely love about me - I love to give gifts and bonuses here and there, especially when my people go above and beyond the call of duty (Which happens every day, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...)

My goal is if you qualify, and are the right person to work for me, you WILL make more money with me than you’ve ever made in your life working for anyone else.

You will learn more than you’ve ever thought possible. You'll make a truckload of cash, far more than you would serving some overweight executive manager who doesn't care whether you live or die.

You’ll become part of my family.

How To Apply For This Position:

If you’re interested in the position, please make a video and tell me why you’d be a great fit for the role. Feel free to be as creative as possible in your video (eg. you might go show me some of your marketing).

Tell me about your experience, your biggest strengths, and why you want to be a part of our team.

Please keep it under 5 minutes. We will only review applications that have a video (and I personally watch every single one of them)

To  Apply Fill Out The Form Below