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About My Current Project’s:

Solo Ads Agency [The ULTIMATE done for you website traffic solutions]
Empower Network [EASIEST Internet Business Money Getting System –
ANYONE can start this business – I make over $50,000+ per month using this system]
Consulting by Shaqir Hussyin [Starts from $997 – $24,997]

About Me:

“I’m just a crazy ass entrepreneur that lives the “New Rich Lifestyle” who refused to believe that the ‘establishment’ could dictate my future, my ideas, thought’s and creation, i was never one to just “fit in” with the average crowd, whilst being in school, i would alway’s daze off day dreaming about the life i wanted to live, i had always plans of doing things against the norm, crazier, larger than life thing’s most would find absurd at the time…


It’s worked out better than expected.

Few year’s back i went to this school re-union thing and one of the teacher’s told me how i could never stop speaking in class,
…..funny 5 year’s later i’ve had the privilege of teaching / speaking to over 5,000 entrepreneur’s all over the world.

Not too shabby. I guess.

[I’ll continue – writing more about my past – maybe – another day when i make time…
i’ll get narcisstic and really write how awesome i am :)


…. I’ve generated over $3 MILLION dollars in revenue for myself and my clients over the last 18 month’s or so,
i’ve been doing Direct Response Marketing since June 2009 – well that’s the month i really started my online marketing journey…

I’ve trained over 50,000 internet marketing entrepreneurs, amongst various mediums for various online communities including being one of the lead trainer’s teaching Solo Ad Traffic Formula for one of the most prestigious leading empowering internet marketing programs like Carbon Copy Pro, Wealth Masters International and now Empower Network.

Real Leveraged Income.

I’ve become very good personal friends with some of the world’s leading marketer’s and shared the stages with some of the biggest internet marketing maverick’s like Scott Rewick, Carlos & Lupe Garcia, Anik Singal, Armand Morin, Saj P, Mark Anastasi, Chris Howard, won awards and shared stages with Simon Sinek, David Bach, Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, Mike Dillard, and a whole other looong list, spoken in front of over 25,000 entrepreneurs in the last 2 years…

I run a chain of awesome businesses that help people succeed in life, personally and financially, and make me a ton of moolah…
If you are interested in working with me personally – there’s the Consulting option or if you’re low on budget – there’s a program i’m promoting
where you can find out more information here.

I am soo blessed and grateful that at a young age, I live my dream life, travelling the world, creating whatever i want, doing whatever i want,
with whoever i wish to with, speaking on stage & “Redefining Awesomeness”.

A life once i dreamed about when i was a kid.

When someone asks me what i do,

the short & sweet version is “I do WHATEVER i want…”

i’ve come to realize that knowing and living that on a day to day basis is a powerful energy.

My life is full of gratitude and that’s one of my core values which i lead from, alway’s staying in the state of gratitude allows’ me to create, attract amazing people and opportunities for me.

Was it alway’s this easy.


I bloody worked my ass off to get to where i am, and i don’t for a second forget that.

I’m on a mission to empower people to reach their full potential, break free from the conformities of society,
“institutionalised crappy educational systems” add more  value to the world, make more money and lead a life of true inner freedom…

In other word’s I want to WAKE YOU UP…”

I can really talk about myself for 4-5 days, but honestly it’s all about how I can help YOU achieve your goals with your business.

If you resonate with how I am, what I do, you’re looking for a better way to market or to learn marketing and you’re a pretty cool person, I’d like to expand my network and see how we can exchange energy and Awesomeness.

Send me an email with “Subject Line: Let’s Connect”

Speaking, Consulting, & Products

I’ve worked in and DOMINATED various other niche businesses ranging from Skin Care, Computer Games, How To Play Piano,
Golf, Weight Loss, Cake Baking, Solar Panels, Forex Trading,  Hair Loss, Conspiracy Theories, Designer Clothing,
Dating, Healing, Accident Claims Management,  & a few other weird ones.

To get in touch CONTACT HERE

I’ll update a NEW about me page over the next few weeks :)


this is a bio i wrote ages ago, when i was hard in the “bizz opp” space, i thought i’d leave it up for fun and for gratitude purposes. :)


Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re visiting this page then that’s what YOU are – a fellow entrepreneur, or someone who’s seeking to become one. No coincidence you probably found me…

I don’t advertise this site much.

Welcome To My Blog…

Hello, hello, helloooo…

well I’m glad you stopped by, firstly let me introduce myself to you…

I’m Shaqir Hussyin.

Hey, what’s up?

I’m an Internet Entrepreneur with a passion for teaching ordinary people how to make an extra-ordinary income from home and more importantly the kind of income where someone can reap the time and freedom to do whatever they wish to do. My students range all over the globe, and the most kick-ass thing about it, is:


i desire. Sweet!!!

I am the Creator and Author of The Lucrative Home Based Business where i and my “insider” partners coach and mentor serious motivated entrepreneurs and help them write their own paycheck- for LIFE using the power of the internet.

…i run several VERY profitable websites online, however here is one of them which is for FREE MARKETING Training, these live webinars have no pitch, and are full of content, so get yourself registered on those.

ever since a young age, I had always been obsessed with being successful, making money, helping and empowering entrepreneurs and travelling the world.

And i can happily say that’s exactly what i’m doing *BIG GOOFY GRIN ;-) *.

(I’m having such a freakin BLASTT!!!) Ha

i see so many people living in a boxed up world, individuals leading and living quiet lives of desperation socially mass controlled by the pathetic standards society imposes on them-

where they never break free from the crap that people, media and society engulfs their pure mind with…

hence forcing these individuals to lead quiet lives of desperation and total unfulfillment…


after stumbling upon the internet to create success for myself-

and DROWNING over $47,000+ in educating myself through, courses, hyped up schemes, and going deep down the rabbit hole, with nothing to show for it…

humiliated, broke, jobless, struggling university drop-out,

family and “so called” friends laughing at me,

“I Told You So…” & “That Stuff Never Works”…

(i remember those painful lonely times)

for going after this pipe dream…


I finally “cracked the code”…


LIKE i said, my success as an online entrepreneur didn’t come overnight, I spent thousands of pounds into buying the next ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, sleepless nights on the computer and jumping from one opportunity to another. I did ebay, online surveys, studying home courses…

using the internet I quickly realized the TRUE potential of creating wealth, the leverage, the power to get connected and market to a customer base of 1.6 BILLION+ (think about it for a second, that’s SERIOUS stuff) especially in the arena of internet marketing and helping people make money online. See, if you’re not making money in your sleep, then you aren’t utilizing “leverage” and will find it near impossible to ever acquire “true” wealth online or offlline.

With that being said, i can teach you everything i and my team of elite marketers know about making money on the internet using a ‘Phenomenal Marketing’ system, if your serious enough to take some action.

recently i partnered up with some of the most sought after marketing gurus in the Internet Marketing/Direct Selling Industry, and joined a community of thousands of entrepreneurs, with the most cutting edge education and training existing on the planet. Where i got coached and mentored and used to leverage my success, and earn CEO level income within a few short months of getting started. This system completely changed my viewpoint on Internet Marketing and has allowed me to achieve the long awaited results i once dreamed of!

Hot Diggity!!!

i have been able to rake in as much as $42,487+ in LESS than a 30 days using just some of the marketing strategies and little-known principles i been taught, earn multiple 5 figures+ per month, been interviewed by experts from all over the world, travelling round the world, a master of my own destiny…

NEVER be tied down to a cubicle 9-5 corporate job. ;-)


One of my biggest dreams in life was to speak from stage ever since i was a “little kid”

and YES! you guessed it,

recently i was invited to speak at the world class Marketing Event Mark Anastasi puts on. (Mark recently won the “Best Internet Marketer Award 2010)

I spoke at Mark Anastasi’s social media marketing event in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs that travelled all over the globe for this event

and shared the strategies i consistently use to generate 5 figure+ months…

And 5 figure+ days (“,)

SMACK bang in the middle of a “recession” ???

who’s laughing now..?

In short:

Shaqir Hussyin is a Home Business Development Expert and Professional Marketing Consultant. A sought after Speaker on the topic of Social Media and lead generation,  Shaqir coaches and mentors home business owners and Serious Entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to be their own boss, control their own destiny and earn unlimited income from home…

“From College Dropout, To Marketing Maverick At The Age Of Twenty-Something, Shaqir Hussyin’s Breakthrough Marketing & Advertising Acumen Provides An Absolute Path To Fast Financial Freedom And Personal Empowerment For Those With The “COJONES” To Use It…”

To “GET Access” To The Same Business Model I USE To Generate Over “Multiple 5 Figures+ Per Month…”

Click Here To Step Inside

P.S (currently im travellin the world, speaking at events, working out from cafe’s, having boatloads of FUN , making a ton of money, helping entrepreneurs succeed, giving back to all seeker’s of time, money & freedom… walking around with a silly looking grin)


haha Life is AWESOME!!!

Join me!!!

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