Work On Your Business, Not In It
May 8th 2017
How do you work on your business instead of working in it?

Here I share my thoughts on how do you WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS to 
grow your it to 6 and 7 figure per year. And, 

EXACTLY what to focus on to boost productivity and keep you from WORKING IN IT.

Watch the video below where Shaqir shares his #1 scaling secret that grows his business 10X;
In the episode:
00:26 – My Social Sites
01:19 – Domino Effect
02:16 – Four Type Of People In Your Business
02:36 – Energizing Clients
03:50 – Star Team Members
04:53 – Your Goal As A Business Owner
06:23 – The Question To Ask
07:12 – Learn, Grow & Impact Lives

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You guys exited for this? This is one of my favorite presentations to do. 

I usually keep it for the last day but today i'm going to be sharing it right now
and we're going to get straight into it.

Before that, some of you guys already follow me on social media and stuff, like i said 
i'm going to do a lot more social media stuff this year. 

So take a picture of this post, share it and make sure you follow me on all these 
social networks stuff, things, sites etc
Okay, i don't really like to spend to much time on these sites. However, Thanks for following me.

Alright so number one is this, work on your business and not in it. The four types of people that
you need to have in your business that implements systems for you. 

This is one of the things i'm doing right now in my business, i'm trying to take myself out.

I spend a lot of time with coaches and a lot of time reflecting and i'm trying to figure out what 
is that ONE BIG domino that, if the one big domino gets knocked off... 

it knocks everything else off and that's what creates space for me to grow.

Your results now in life is a direct reflection of your best thinking.
work on your business, not in it
You look at the areas in your life like personal health, relationships, marriage, 
whatever the case is. It's only there because of your best thinking

Does that make sense? 

It's your best thinking and the people that you have in your life. So if you are unhappy with the amount of money that your making wright now, your unhappy with your relationships, if you are unhappy with the way you look, 

whatever the case is without how much confidence you have is always a direct reflection 
of first YOUR THINKING and secondly the people that you have in your life. 

Does this makes sense? Yes!
So there's four types of people and what i try and do and what you want to be doing is finding these
four types of people and have them create systems so that your life and your business can run much better.

The first one is called costumers, start costumers. 

The second one is team members, star team members

The third is partners and 

the fourth is coaches mentors advisors and start mentors.

So i'm going to quickly go through and i'm going to share with you guys some of
the INSIGHTS i have on these. 

When you start a business one of the MOST ENERGIZING things that can happen is
when you have energizing clients

Yes or no? Yes!
And one of the WORST THINGS in business is when you have draining clients, yes? good...

Anyone ever had draining clients? Yes! 

Anyone ever had energizing clients? Yes! 

In my business when i'm hanging out, i would say with Ankur or Ernest in singapore 
or tony in the UK, I'm always energized. Tony is one of my pink diamond members 
when i'm sitting with him and he says....

"shaq so lets talk for 30 minutes..."

We go for one or two hours and at the end of one whole day i am like 

You want to have energizing clients, you want to have dream clients which are 
basically also referred to as star customers. 

Next is you want to have star team members, 

sean ali's putting his hand up... no comment and i'm kidding. 

Give my staff round of applause you guys!  

I must have done something wright in my life to have them. Thanks by the way. 
With star team members remember you need to have people that can basically....

As entrepreneurs we always or all of us have a little bit of a different way of doing things. Yes?

We have a lot of stuff in our head that usually doesn't make sense
so essentially to put it very bluntly... 

you have to find people that will put up with your shit, okay? 

That's basically what it is, do you guys think there are people like that? Yes!   
The things you are not good at... 

For some people its someone else's dream or 
it's someone else's ideal role to come fit in that place. 

In my penthouse i use to have my maid and i would often sit the maid down, 
she will always be cleaning and i'd say to her "nina, why are you working so hard?

i mean she doesn't have to clean every single bit of my bloody window 
and glass because i'm hardly ever there.

And she would say "i love this job!" 

And i've met so many people like that, you may think that they don't like it.

Why would they love their job?, but they just do 
and it's not your job to question why do they love it.

It's just the way they are wired and your goals as a business owner is to ESSENTIALLY 
attract those people that can come in, they find there unique ability and they fit that role. 

Does this makes sense? 

So for me i have absolute no patience open up letters, basically bills and paper work stuff.
However there is people on my team, Lisa is one of them. Thanks Lisa for doing all those things.

So all of you guys ESSENTIALLY what i'm saying is that you need to find yourself a "Lisa" 

And She's not available for hire! 

Tony don't get ideas. 

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So partners are other businesses you work with and 
the last one is coaching, mentorship, advisors and star mentors. 

Every opportunity i find, if i find someone that knows a little bit more or 
a lot more then me on a topic, 

What i do is i go and ask them for mentorship, for guidance and for coaching.

Did you guys enjoy by the way Jeff Hoffman? Was he great? 

Give him a big round of applause!

Throughout this whole time i am like thinking okay, this guy's building this 
billion dollar companyby the way...

Is a billion dollar a lot of money? Yes! 

That company is now doing $18 BILLION dollars a year.
Hahaha But believe me, sometimes i do get a little bit nervous but i was like...
 "shaq your going TO ASK him what's on your mind!  "
hahaha and i went up to him and i said, here's what's up...
You can obviously see that i am a lot more than someone just trying to make some money
god bless me i have some money i don't need but i do appreciate the money but 

I want to do something much bigger like you've done. 

Something much more influential and i asked him for private coaching.

He was very hesitant and using my magical persuasion powers
they are magical persuasion power. I do get to persuade people and 
i persuaded him to give me 30 minutes a month of private 1-on-1 coaching. 

Is that cool stuff you guys? Yeah! 
And so here's the thing...

As i'm learning, as i'm growing....learning from a BILLIONAIRE,

Who it directly impacts?  the people around me, my students, my team, my family. 

Does that makes sense? Hell Yeah!

It's always very important that you step outside of your comfort zone and 
you find ways to INVEST in yourself, now notice i haven't said anything about price.

I have no idea how much he's going to charge me, even if he was to charge me! 
I don't know five thousand dollars a month for consulting, for that one 30 minutes call, 

do you guys think it will be very valuable? Yes or No? Yes!

I've also met billionaires when they look the way is he humble or what?! 

he's such a down to earth person. I've met many many rich people and 
you will not be able to get a smile out of them.

Who's ever met people like that? Yeah lot of people wright! 

They have all the MONEY but there is somewhere in their progress, 
in their journey they forgot to smile. 

That is why i smile a lot ;) just to remind myself of my clients. 

As i have basically gone through this EXCLUSIVE training session to tell you 
how it is to scale your business and 10X your results fast. 

It's time for you to implement this into your business and 10X your results NOW. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to share this with your teammates.

In the episode:
00:26 – My Social Sites
01:19 – Domino Effect
02:16 – Four Type Of People In Your Business
02:36 – Energizing Clients
03:50 – Star Team Members
04:53 – Your Goal As A Business Owner
06:23 – The Question To Ask
07:12 – Learn, Grow & Impact Lives
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