Why I Spent $2,000 On A Private Dinner With Tai Lopez

I recently paid $2000 for a private dinner and brain storming session with the great Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez created the famous program “67 Steps To Good Life”, has over 500 million views on Youtube, regularly speaks on Ted X, and reads a book a day.

So why would I fork out $2000 just for a small session with him?

Its because I am a guy who NEVER believes in my own hype.

While I am outrageously successful in my industry, I know that I can do 100X better.

And to be able to do that, I need to constantly UP MY GAME.

I need to understand how to play the game at a HIGHER LEVEL.

I need to understand how to THINK about my business, how to PLAN OUT my steps better, how to SCALE better, how to SETUP structures for faster growth, etc.

That’s why I seek out those who have ALREADY done what I want to achieve and learn from them.

For some people, spending $2000 for a session may seem like a pointless waste of money or even worse…a pathetic attempt at bragging.

That’s a very flawed way of thinking.

You can NEVER GROW by hoarding your money or saving as much as possible.

You can only GROW by understanding how money works.

Money is like a river that flows at a furious rate.

If you want to truly make use of it, you need to learn how to build multiple dams and reservoirs to store the water.

You also need to learn how to transport the water to various places where it can be made use of and profited from.

When you think BIG and put structures in place, you will have an abundance of wealth which not only is safe but GROWING.

When you think like a small man trying to hoard up water in small containers (akin to hoarding up money), you are just one catastrophe away from losing everything.

That’s exactly why I spend good money getting advice from people who know what they are doing.

And Tai Lopez is one of those guys.

Here are the 5 lessons I learnt from Tai Lopez.

  1. Join A High Level Mastermind

The session that I had with Tai Lopez went on so well that I ended up joining his private mastermind that day.

Tai has a very eloquent way of explaining why we all need masterminds (I am adding a bit to what he has said):

The people around us are like our thermostat. We either rise or fall to their level.

If everyone around us makes it look like becoming successful is hard and achieving certain goals are impossible….then subconsciously we start believing that to be true.

However when you are around people who are chasing 100 millions and billions and beyond, your mindset COMPLETELY changes.

We all have our blind spots. We may not see something that others can see. This is where masterminds can be an eye opening experience.

Plus when you actively seek the help of people who are SKILLED at something which you are not….you are getting their knowledge in a DISTILLED form.

What took them 10 years to learn…they can give it to you in an instant.

That kind of information (where you are told what to do, how to do, how to avoid the pitfalls, etc) is priceless.

Now if you were to acquire knowledge from 10 people who give you information that took them 10 years to acquire…you now possess DISTILLED information that would have taken you 100 years if you had set out to learn all of them on your own.

That’s why masterminds end up creating a lot of success stories.

  1. Learn How To Catch The Latest Trends

This is a very under-rated skill.

You can take your business to GREAT HEIGHTS if you know how to tap into the latest trends.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that catching the latest trends is all about running after every shiny object.

That’s not fruitful.

Tapping into the latest trends involves deeper understanding of your marketplace, its needs, the gaps in it…and looking out for changes happening around you.

The earlier you get in on a trend, the BIGGER your rewards will be.

However smart marketers don’t just stop there.

They keep building upon their success.

Basically they build their business on solid grounds and lookout for trends to take quantum leaps.

In fact, right now, there are several good trends taking place in the online marketing space.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Boom in ecommerce websites
  2. Rising demand for online marketing training for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who want to promote products in various niches (not talking about internet marketers)
  3. Rising demand for cool softwares that solve problems

And there are many more too.

If you want to grow fast, keep an eye on what the market needs and position yourself first.

If you do it right, you can make vast sums of money pretty easily and take your business to the next level.

  1. Read Books Daily

Tai Lopez is a guy who reads 1 book per day.

That’s mind boggling.

He said to me that everyone must take an ACTIVE effort to read something daily.

Be it business books or marketing books or military conquest books or even history books… when you read daily, you not only gain knowledge but you also gain an understanding of different perspectives.

You start seeing the world from different lenses.

You start understanding the subtleties present in various situations which will help you make assured and accurate decisions.

You have a clearer sense of what’s the ideal way to approach life (attitude towards success, failure, overcoming obstacles, etc)

In short, you will gain WISDOM.

A lot of people think they are smart just because they attained a bit of success but most of the times, they lack wisdom.

Don’t be like that.

A man’s greatest treasure is his knowledge and thinking ability.

Sharpen it and turn it into a blade that could cut through skin with a mere touch.

  1. Plan Out Your Business For The Long Term

A lot of marketers are good at hitting their target income goals be it $10K per month…or $50K per month or even $100K per month.

However the problem with most marketers (especially in our industry) is that they LACK VISION and a LONG TERM PLAN.

Real businesses are not grown that way.

You need to put together solid plans in WRITING so that you understand where your business is going, what kind of growth you want to achieve, what areas to focus on to get that growth, targets to achieve, etc.

Doing so helps you grow but prevents your business from slowly crumbling (like it does for many who don’t plan).

I will give you an example.

Let’s say you have an ambitious goal to achieve in 2 years time.

You put together a plan of action as to what infrastructure you need to setup, when should things start running, what is your target sales and profits, when can you scale, etc.

A good plan would BREAK DOWN your goal into yearly, monthly, weekly and DAILY tasks.

When that’s done, every single day, you will know whether you are on course to reach your goal or not.

If you are lagging behind, it will make you speed up the process.

And if you are on track, it will motivate you to keep up the good work and complete the tasks as per the set timelines.

Planning really does help you achieve great things.

It’s NOT easy to plan but its necessary.

I myself falter with it time and again but I am working real hard to get things in order and getting my plans ready to scale my business to $100 million in the next few years.

Now you may or may not have such a huge ambition as mine and that’s ok.

But whatever your goal is….MAKE A PLAN.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just make one and break down your goal into small tasks that needs to be accomplished everyday and start working towards it.

It will help you a great deal.

  1. Put Your Money Into Different Buckets

There are countless examples of marketers who make it BIG and then slowly things start to fall apart and their business eventually crashes down completely.

Sometimes things just go wrong in life.

You cannot prevent it.

But you can SAFEGUARD yourself, your business and your money.

When you start making money, you need to invest in different product lines so that even if one flops, you have others bringing in the money for you.

The same concept applies even when you are investing in stocks, shares and mutual funds.

You put some money in secure areas (low risk), some in growth areas (medium risk) and some in hyper growth dream areas (high risk).

Smart calculated diversification ensures both stability and growth.

Coming back to the topic of business…

So many marketers after experiencing initial success, take it easy and don’t take proactive actions to diversify and solidify their business and when something goes wrong, their business tanks completely.

I never wanted my business to go that route which is why I have build 5 multi million dollar online businesses by the age of 27 (I have focused on the same niche but diversified my product lines).

Now my plans are to add in new products and services and go and scale my business to the $100 million mark.

Which means:

More revenue streams.

More profits.

Highly stable business.

So there you go.

These are the 5 simple lessons I learnt from Tai Lopez (of course, I learnt a lot more advanced stuff too).

The reason I am writing this blogpost is because I want to convey one thing to you.

Never SHY from being the BEST you can be.

Every one of us is capable of achieving stuff that would astound us if we were to hear about it now.

But most of us don’t do anything because we don’t TAKE THE RIGHT ACTION.

And we don’t take the right action because we don’t know what is the right action.

And this is where getting help from someone who has achieved what you want to achieve is priceless.

A true mentor (who cares for your success) can change your life faster than anything else in the world.

Seek mentorship.

Invest in yourself.

Learn the right skills from the right people.

You will succeed fast.

6 years back, I was selling tea to construction workers.

Today, I am living in a penthouse, driving a Ferrari, doing a lot of charity, flying around the world whenever I want WHILE my business is doing great.

How did this happen?


As I said, it changes your life faster than anything.

So seek it, make use of it and PROFIT from it.

If you would LOVE to get personally coached by me and become my next millionaire (oh yes, my students get outrageous results fast), then I would invite you to read this letter in full and apply for a free strategy session.

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