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The World’s #1 Wealth Coach is back in London and wants to help you jumpstart your bank account! Shaqir Hussyin has gone from working from construction jobs in London to making millions of dollar each year by the age of 26! At this FREE 2-day workshop you are going to hear how he did it and continues to do it! He will tell you all of his mistakes, so that you are able to make the right choices from Day 1.

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Even if you have an online business that is already running, you still NEED to be here! If your business isn’t growing then what is happening? It’s Dying! When owning a business you always need to be one step ahead of the competition. You need to know what other people are doing right now, so you can jump ahead to tomorrow. At this workshop you will hear strategies from Shaqir Hussyin and a few special guests, that are going to take everything you thought you knew before, and turn it upside down! After this workshop your business will be headed towards success.

What strategies will you be able to implement into your business after this FREE 2-day Workshop?

  • How to start your own business and quit your job
  • How to triple your business in 90 days
  • How to network with millionaires
  • How to brand yourself and your business to gain more clients
  • How to create your own marketing machine
  • How to raise capital for properties or business
  • How to get more cash now
  • How to become a great copywriter
  • How to hire the right people and train them to be great
  • How to get to $1 Million and $10 Million
  • How to grow your business locally, nationally, and globally
  • How to start more than 1 company
  • How to sell more

Are you ready for success? Because after this FREE 2-day workshop you’ll have clients and investors knocking down your door to do business with YOU!

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Who Is Shaqir Hussyin?

For a very long time, Shaqir struggled with learning how to build a profitable online business that would allow him to have time freedom, money freedom and location freedom.

He would get frustrated & overwhelmed because marketers would be promoting every single launch offer, a different offer to him daily and weekly.

And that frustration caused him to spend more money than he was making, ending up with over $40,000 worth of debt, he would buy product after product, and with very little or no results at all, at this time in his life since he had drop out of university in his final year to pursue his online business, he was stuck in a rut – lost, confused and hopeless….

His friends and family laughing at him, lost, buried in debt, humiliated and broken inside…

He made a commitment to himself to learn from the real Internet Millionaires, get a real Internet Millionaire to Mentor him. He learned that was truly the fastest way to succeed in the somewhat complicated world of online marketing.

Then he discovered 3 key principles for starting and growing a lucrative online business that paid him daily,

that had upfront commissions to create ca$hflow, residual income so he could travel around the world and make money in his sleep and real “backend” income that would pay him big ticket commissions so that he could generate millions of dollars faster-easier and with a much more simplified business model……

Ahhh, that feeling of hitting “refresh” on his Gmail – and seeing thousands of dollars come in daily, that was the dream, it didn’t come overnight – it took work, effort, and resources.

His online businesses generate over $300,000 PER MONTH in revenue, his best month in this industry has been over $385,000+ and he's excited to grow that into a $1 Million per month business.

That means that he has to share his valuable secrets to making big money online with more people and help them start and grow their business.

Anik Singal

Matt Lloyd

Russ Whitney

Dave Sharp

Jashin Howell

Mike Dillard

Cory Boatright, John Chow, James Schramko

Dave Wood

Jordan Belfort

Mike Maloney

Tom Beal, Alex Jeffreys

Fred Catona

Kevin Harrington

Roman Abramovich