The Ultimate Guide To Building The Perfect Landing Page That Converts

If you ever want to grow and scale your business to great heights, you need to build an email list of hungry subscribers.

And to do that, you need to learn the SECRETS of putting together a high converting landing page.

First of all, what’s a landing page?

A landing page is basically the page where you drive your traffic to.

In other words, a page where your visitors “land”.

Now a landing page could be a blogpost OR a video sales letter OR a lead capture page (a page intended to capture the emails of your visitors) OR anything else really.

However in the context of email list building, a landing page means a lead capture page.

Something like this:


So in today’s post, I am going to give you a comprehensive guide on how to create powerful landing pages that will turn your traffic into leads and help you rapidly grow your list.

Let’s start it off with….


Landing Page Goals

A landing page has 2 goals.

Goal 1:  It must convert at least 20% of your traffic into email subscribers.

Why 20%?

Because that’s the minimum conversion rate that you need to hit to be able to make paid traffic work.

Goal 2: It must get the RIGHT kind of leads opting in to your list.

If you throw up a random landing page promising unrealistic stuff, you can get high conversion rates but you will end up with a lot crappy leads who won’t buy from you.

Your landing page must get your IDEAL leads to opt in while repelling off the rest.

We have seen many tests where we found that certain landing pages produce more sales than others, even if they convert traffic to leads at a lower rate.

It all comes down to what you say in your landing page.

So bottomline is that:

You must aim for 20% traffic to lead conversion rate.

The copy in your landing page must appeal to your IDEAL leads.

Now that we have got the basics covered, let’s take a deeper look at actually create high converting landing pages from scratch.

Basically a landing page has 7 components which are:

  1. Offer
  2. Headline
  3. Subhead
  4. Bullet Points
  5. Graphics
  6. Button Color & Copy
  7. Social Proof

Lets take a look at each component separately so that you get a clear idea of how it all works.

Component 1 – The Offer

To put it simply, the landing page is a place where a transaction takes place.

You offer people information (be it video or report or training or webinar or newsletter) in exchange for their email address.

If people LOVE what you offer them, they will happily give up their email address in exchange for it.

If they don’t want what you offer, then nothing else matters. Your page simply won’t convert.

The success of your landing page depends a LOT on your offer.

It’s not always about how you say it….it’s also about what you say.

I will give you an example.

Let’s say you drive traffic to 2 different landing pages….let’s call them Page A and Page B.

Page A says:

“Looking to build an online business? Get my value driven email tips. Enter your email below.”

Page B says:

“Free Report Reveals A Proven 4 Step Plan On How To Start, Grow And Scale An Online Business From Scratch Within 30 Days”

Which page do you think will convert better?


Of course, it’s Page B (we have done a lot of tests in this regard).


Because your offer (which is a report where you reveal a 4 step plan) looks far more valuable than some random crap general email tips that anyone can find by Googling.

As I said, offer matters a LOT.

A few years back, giving away long 100 page ebooks were a rage.

People LOVED reading them.

However these days, ebooks have a low perceived value because they are dime a dozen and frankly, nobody has time to read 100 page ebooks filled with fluff.


So offering ebooks may not give you good conversion rates.

However if you switch over to offering things such as a report (short content), a video, checklist or a mindmap, you will find a noticeable conversion bump on your landing page.

Why do they work so well?

It’s because they can be consumed fast and people LOVE that.

Me and my team have run countless tests on landing pages and we can tell you that one of the surest ways to get good landing page conversions is by improving your offer.

Give people what they want and you will be able to turn your traffic into leads far more easily.

Component 2 – Headline

Once you have decided on your offer, the next step is to craft the perfect headline for it.

When people land on your page, they take about a second or two to decide whether they want to continue or not.

And guess what they see first on your page which ends up influencing their decision?


A good headline will suck in your visitors into scanning your page more seriously thereby eventually getting them to opt into your email list.

Now what’s makes a good headline?

Let’s take the example I just gave above:

“Free Report Reveals A Proven 4 Step Plan On How To Start, Grow And Scale An Online Business From Scratch Within 30 Days”

This is a good headline.

A good headline should have 3 characteristics:

  1. It must be benefit-driven.

People must immediately know what they stand to gain by reading your headline.

In the example above, people know that they would get access to a report which reveals a 4 step plan to build an online business.

It’s clear and to the point.

  1. It must be specific.

You are offering a report with a 4 STEP PLAN.

You are not saying “check out my report which has a step by step plan”….the phrase “4 step plan” is more specific and is likely to connect with people much better.

  1. It must be attention grabbing

Having a headline that is specific and benefits driven is NOT enough to get optins.

Your headlines needs to JUMP OUT at people and make them take notice and want what you are offering.

For example:

If your headline says:

“Get My 4 Step Online Business Building Report”

…that’s benefit driven and specific but it looks so dull and boring.

However if your headline says:

“Free Report Reveals A Proven 4 Step Plan On How To Start, Grow And Scale An Online Business From Scratch Within 30 Days”

….it looks far more attention grabbing and desirable and that leads to better conversions.

So whenever you write a headline, make sure it’s benefits driven, specific and attention grabbing.

Do that and your headline will perform very well.

Component 3 – Sub Headline

The Sub headline is the place where you add upon what is already being described in your headline.

Every landing page does not need to have a sub headline but sometimes sub heads can add a lot more CONTEXT and VALUE to your offer which can give you a good bump in conversion rates.

Let’s take up our previous headline:

“Free Report Reveals A Proven 4 Step Plan On How To Start, Grow And Scale An Online Business From Scratch Within 30 Days”

Now let’s add a sub-head to it:

“This is the exact same plan that I have used to make $12,657.27 per month and now you can get access to it for FREE”

Do you see what’s happening?

The sub-head adds more context and value for the offer being described on the headline.

Imagine how a person would feel when he lands on this page:

When he reads the headline, he would be like “oh…nice, I get a 4 step report”.

When he reads the sub-head, he would be like “wow…you have got some good results with this…I need to check it out”

And that is how a sub head helps conversions.

There are several things that you can talk about in your sub-heads. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your results.

You could expand upon the headline and elaborate what your offer is about.

Like “Inside my report, I will give you a 30 minute per day action plan to build your business”.

Or you could tell your visitors what to do.

Like “Enter your email below to get instant access to my report and start generating traffic, leads & sales in as little as 7 days”.

Or you could describe the value of your offer.

Like “Normally I would sell a report like this for at least $27 but for now, I am giving it away for free. So get access to it right away”.

Sub heads can be very powerful when used the right away.

So always test out sub heads to see if you can get better conversion rates.

Component 4 – Bullet Points

Sometimes you may have an offer which needs to be elaborated more to get people to sign up.

Let’s say you are asking people to sign up for a webinar or a video training series.

In such cases, you should test out using bullet points in your landing page BELOW your headline & sub-head.

You can simply say:

“In this training, you are going to learn”

…and then list out a few points about what people can learn if they sign up.

Bullet points can help you increase your landing page conversions.

Sometimes, they can decrease your conversions but still give you better quality leads thereby helping you make more profits.

Sometimes, they neither increase landing page conversions nor give you significantly better leads in which case, you are better off not using them.

So test out having bullet points and see how it works for your situation.

Component 5 – Images & Graphics

The right images and graphics can really give your landing page a fresh, modern look and turn more of your traffic into email subscribers.

There are several approaches you can take when it comes to incorporating images & graphics on your landing page.

Show Your Face Approach

If you have a smiling picture, you can use that on your landing page as it would help you grab the attention of your visitors.

If your face is pointing towards one direction, then make it point towards the headline. That would make your visitors’ eyes follow the image and land on the headline.

Here’s an example


Show The Product Approach

If you are offering a report or checklist or video series, you can show a graphical representation of that in your landing page.

Here’s an example:


No Face/Product Approach

If you don’t want to show your face or you’re a graphical representation of your offer, then you can choose to have a simple landing page design where the focus is on headline and optin form.

Here’s an example:

Focus On Call To Action Approach

You can use arrows on your landing page which points to your call to action (optin button or form).

When people land on your page and see the arrow, their eyes will automatically start moving to where they are pointing.

Testing shows that this can increase conversions.

Here’s an example:


Each of the above approaches are proven to convert well.

However you need to test them out to find out which works the best for you in each situation.

Component 6 – Button Color & Copy

The button in your landing page plays a HUGE role in determining your conversion rate.

When someone lands on your page, you don’t want them to search around and see how to opt in.

You want them to intuitively know that.

And that’s what a button should do.

It should stand out from the page and make it easy for people to click on it and enter their email.

Take a look at this page:


Notice how the button stands out?

The reason it stands out is because of its COLOR.

It’s bright and eye catching.

The Internet has conditioned people to click on links or buttons that have a bright color.

So when your landing page has a bright colored button, people will automatically know that they have to click on it to proceed.

In fact, testing shows that different colors produce different kinds of conversion rates.

So you have to test out various colors like red, green, blue, etc (and its shades) to find what works the best for your page.

Apart from color, the copy in your button also matters.

Ever seen landing pages where the button says:

“Sign Up”

“Subscribe Now”

“Yes, Let Me In”

“Get Instant Access”

“Click Here For Instant Access”

“Download Now”

“Get My Free Book”

“10X Your Traffic”

“See Our Case Study”

All of these copy texts produce different conversion rates.

From our testing in the internet marketing industry, we found that the following copy produce the best opt in results for most cases.

“Get Instant Access”,

“Click Here For Instant Access”

“Yes, Let Me In”

However I would encourage you to do your own tests to see what works the best for your case.

Component 7 – Social Proof

Sometimes adding social proof on your landing page can increase your conversions.

Social proof can be in the form of testimonials, expert endorsements, quotes, as seen on symbols, etc.

Here’s an example (check the “as seen on” symbols at the bottom):


Here’s another example of social proof at the bottom of one of my pages:


While social proof can be good, it’s not something that is recommended in every case.

Sometimes adding testimonials and quotes can REDUCE your conversion rates.

So you need to test it out to see if it helps or harms your numbers. Every case is different.


We have covered a lot of ground regarding landing pages.

Creating high converting landing pages is no rocket science. You just need to focus on the 7 components we just covered and diligently test out different versions to see what produces the best conversion rates for you

Here are some closing thoughts:

  1. Make your landing page look simple and easy to the eye.
  2. Keep the content above the fold as much as possible. You don’t want people to be scrolling down to opt into your email.
  3. Craft a very good headline and have a strong call to action (button)
  4. Test out having bullet points in your landing page below your headline and sub-head.
  5. Keep doing A/B split tests for various landing pages. Don’t guess what will win. Many times, the page that you expect to lose would win and vice versa. So keep testing.
  6. Once you have a few landing page winners, you can use them as templates for the future.
  7. If you want to use point and click tools to build high converting landing pages, then check out Leadpages and Clickfunnels. They are amazing and can get you up and running in minutes.

So go out there, create killer landing pages and rapidly grow your list.



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