The Surprisingly Simple Funnel I Used To Make $160,000 From ONE Webinar

What I am about to reveal to you here is PROBABLY the most elegant, simple and effective way to make massive profits in your business.

I am going to teach you how to create a SIMPLE FUNNEL which can can give you the opportunity to make high ticket sales where you pocket $1000 – $10,000+ per customer UPFRONT..

The best part about this funnel is that you can make high ticket sales:

  1. Without having to create a sales letter or a sales video, which frankly take a lot of time and skill.
  2. Without having to resort to any pushy or salesy tactics (with my approach, your potential customers would seek you out, listen to every word you speak and then enroll in your program).
  3. Without having to create any products or services (if you have a high ticket product of your own, that’s great but you can do this even if you don’t have any product of your own).
  4. Without having to spend months to set it all up (you can set this up within weeks or even within a few days if you take action fast).
  5. Without having to wait for 30-60 days to get a sale (this funnel slashes your sales cycle like crazy and help you get to positive ROI fast – this means you can SCALE fast).

So let’s get started…

Step 1 – Choosing The Right Product To Promote

Most people worry about the fact that if they promote products that cost $2000 to $20,000+, they won’t get any buyers (which is not true).

So out of fear, they start promoting inexpensive products for $25 or $50 or $100.

Now there is NOTHING WRONG in promoting such products but you have to understand that a few things:

  1. It is harder to make profits by promoting $25 – $100 products. If you don’t have a backend process to sell high ticket items to your customers, then it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to profit.
  2. Traffic costs are rising across all platforms. Right now, the online world has MORE opportunities as well as more challenges. If you don’t know how to profit from your traffic, then even infinite traffic is of no use to you. But if you know how to turn your traffic into TAKE HOME MONEY, then sky is the limit for scaling.
  3. Very few marketers talk about this aspect – when you promote inexpensive products that cost $25 to $100, you are NOT promoting complete solutions. A $25 product is NEVER going to give a customer EVERYTHING he needs. While it may teach him the basics or a specific strategy VERY WELL (which would be well worth the money he is spending to get the product), its not going to TRANSFORM his life on its own. Why? Because there is NO INCENTIVE for product creators to stack the value.
  4. A higher priced product (upwards of $1000) will NOT ONLY have a much more thorough information but it will likely have give its customers access to cool software, access to a community, access to personal coaching or group coaching, access to regular webinars, etc.  Its impossible to deliver that value for a $25 customer.In a nutshell, higher priced products deliver TRANSFORMATIVE value for your customers. People pay money to SOLVE problems. So when they are offered a product that will solve their problem completely, they will be OPEN to buying it.
  5. If you sell a $2000 product, that’s like selling 40 units of a $50 product. So while its easier to sell a $50 product compared to a $2000 product, its NOT easier to sell 40 units of it compared to one unit of a $2000 product (if you know what you are doing).


When you choose good quality high priced products:

  1. You deliver TRANSFORMATIVE VALUE to your customers
  2. You make more money
  3. You can scale your business faster

Everybody wins.

Here are the different KINDS of high ticket products that you can either create or promote:

  1. Group Coaching Programs
  1. Done For You Services
  2. Detailed Training Courses (preferably with access to software, community & ongoing training)
  3. Consulting

As you can see, all of the above offer a great deal of value to the customer (via personalized information or personalized service). Its this value that allows you to charge big bucks for your program and have customers happily pay that.

If in case, you don’t have any high ticket program to promote of your own, then I highly recommend you enroll in MOBE and complete the 21 steps.

MOBE has a series of high ticket products that can pay out $1000 – $15,000+ per customer. So you can promote MOBE products and make big bucks without having to create anything of your own.

Step 2 – Designing A Simple Funnel To Promote Your High Ticket Product

Once you have chosen the product, the next step is to design a killer funnel to promote it.

There are several ways to go about it.

You could create a sales letter, sales video OR a series of video trainings to promote your product.

While all those work, they require TREMENDOUS SKILL & HARD WORK to execute.

Plus they don’t convert as well as the method that I am going to teach you now.

What’s that?


So what exactly are webinars?

They are nothing but online seminars.

Here’s how they work:

  1. You create a killer presentation where you provide value and sell your product (we will discuss about that in detail soon).
  2. You invite people to attend your online presentation at a scheduled date and time (there are tools to help you conduct your webinar – we will discuss about that in detail soon)
  3. People attend your webinar, gain value, listen to your offer and at the end of it, they either fill out an application form (and get sold on the phone) or they buy directly. It depends on what you ask them to do (application form process is a MUCH easier way to get sales).

Webinars could be LIVE (where you are actually making the presentation every time) or it could be AUTOMATED (where you can use your existing presentation to play at scheduled time periods).

I highly recommend using webinars to promote products because they CONVERT SO FREAKING WELL.

Each webinar funnel I create produces $50,000 – $100,000+ easily for me. Sometimes a lot more (my record is $309,445 from 1 webinar).

This is just income I make during the week of the webinar campaign.

After all the dust has settled, I add my webinar replays to my follow up campaigns and make passive sales from my list for months on end.

Webinars are DA BOMB.

There is NO strategy out there that produces massive sales & profits as well as webinars do.

I have tested them all out.

If you want to make CONSISTENT DAILY sales of high ticket products, then webinars are WAY to go.

There is no question about it.

Now let’s take a DEEPER look at how webinar funnels work:

Step 1 – You generate traffic & invite your leads to attend your webinar at a scheduled date and time

Step 2 – You send them regular email reminders about your webinar (including a 24 hour, 3 hour, 1 hour, 15 minutes and “we are LIVE” reminder).

Step 3 – At the scheduled time, people will attend your webinar where you give them great value (by talking about their problems and the solutions for it) and then promote your product as a way to help them solve their problem in a FASTER, EASIER & SIMPLER way.

Step 4 – At the end of your webinar, ask the attendees to fill out an application form so that you can have a personal conversation with them to clear all their doubts and get them to sign up.

Step 5 – Only those attendees who are super interested will fill out the application form after which you should call them on phone or Skype or whatever, have a good chat with them, clear all their queries and close the sale.

Step 6 – You send out email reminders with a time sensitive replay of your webinar asking people to check it out. When you send out a replay, you are giving a second chance to non attendees as well as attendees who didn’t fill out the application form. This would result in a few more application forms (which in turn would result in more sales).

This is how a SIMPLE webinar funnel looks like.

And this funnel produces PROFITS like crazy.

It works with ALL kinds of traffic sources.

It works the BEST with Facebook Ads however it works well for Solo Ads too (conversion rates will be lower than FB Ads – but it shouldn’t matter as you can get some insane amount of traffic from Solo Ads).

Now you may probably be wondering why does a webinar funnel work so well?

It works well because:

  1. With webinars, you are FIRST PROVIDING VALUE & educating your prospects about their situation. This leads to better bonding & trust which in turn helps you make more sales when you offer them your product.
  2. Webinars with application form are an incredible way to qualify prospects. It gives you the best of both worlds – automation & personal selling. Webinar campaigns with application form allow you to ATTRACT the most hyper responsive leads to you. Once you get on a call with someone who has ALREADY watched your webinar and is very interested in your offer, its far more easier to close them into sales (which is why this funnel works so well).

When it comes to webinars, you can either run it LIVE each time or you can AUTOMATE it.

LIVE webinar has its advantages as your attendees can see the live discussions going on in the chat bar (more engagement results in better conversions) while AUTOMATED webinars give you the freedom to run more webinars without having to actually present it every time. Once you record a webinar and upload it, you can set it to run automatically at scheduled intervals.

Both methods work great in producing sales.

Some marketers prefer LIVE webinars leading to application forms while others prefer automated webinars leading to application forms.

Some marketers prefer DIRECTLY selling their product from the webinar itself (that works too but application forms are a much simpler way to get sales).

Step 3 – Anatomy Of A Sales Pumping Webinar (Plus A Quick Look At The Tools That Can Help You Run Various Types Of Webinars)

There is a set structure that I follow whenever I create any webinars.

I have a 12 step webinar template that has worked so well for me that I have literally made millions of dollars using it.

Not only did this 12 step template give me great results, but it has helped my students get great results too.

Take my student (and now dear friend) Paul Lynch for example.

When he got started in MOBE, he used my 12 Step Webinar Template to craft a webinar campaign.

The day his webinar ran, he made 22 MLR sales.

The price of each MLR sale was around $2000 at that time and his commissions were $1000 per sale.

So that one webinar produced him $44,000 in sales & $22,000 in commissions.

That’s the direct benefit of doing webinars using my template.

There is an indirect benefit too.

Once Paul made $22,000 in 1 day, he used those results to POSITION himself in the marketplace and has done over $2 million in MOBE in 1.5 years.


As for myself, I hit easy $50,000+ for every webinar campaign I do these days.

My webinar template works and it works great.

If you use my template, you TOO will see massive results in your business (maybe you won’t immediately make as much as I do but you will see FAR better results than what you have been experiencing till now and the profits you generate from your webinar funnels would allow you to scale your business and do BIGGER numbers in the future).

So moving on to the 12 step process:

Step 1 – The Welcome (15 min before start time)

Your webinar experience should start the moment someone logs in! It doesn’t matter when you are supposed to start. Your attendees need to know they’re in the right place and feel like you care they are there.

Step 2 – The Introduction (1 to 2 mins)

Must set the tone for the webinar while helping to set up your authority/pass the authority to you for the rest of the show.

Steop 3 – The Hook and The BIG Promise (3 to 5 mins)

What are THEY going to get out of being with you for an hour+ vs. watching the Cops rerun or The Bachelor? ALSO where you announce the FREE bonuses the attendees receive at the END!

Step 4 – Your Story (2 to 3 mins)

Once you’ve delivered the Big Promise to your audience then it’s time to tell them about who you are and why you are qualified to teach them the content you have planned for them. REMEMBER: People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust!

Step 5 – Social Proof (3 to 5 mins)

Carefully orchestrated flow of success stories or case studies from people who have taken action using your product and seen results. “If they can do it then so can you!”

Step 6 – The Agenda (2 to 3 mins)

What is it that you are going to cover again and what will they be able to TAKE ACTION on when they leave the webinar?

Step 7 – Compelling Content (45 to 60 mins)

Now you teach them EXACTLY what it is that you promised you would in your Big Promise. You REALLY want to deliver here with your best stuff!

Step 8  – (More) Social Proof (3 to 5 mins)

Another carefully orchestrated flow of success stories or case studies from people who have taken action using your product and seen results. “If they can do it then so can you!”

Step 9 – Your Amazing Offer (5 to 15 mins)

This MUST be done with a high, but not overdone, level of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. You also have to make sure you are transitioning from the last section of the presentation into the pitch the right way or it will seem like all you are there for is to sell them something. The structure of the pitch is actually very important as it determines whether you make a bunch of sales or walk away with a big fat doughnut!

Step 10 – Q&A (10 to 60 mins varies depending on audience)


Always ask a few questions first that you have control of. Meaning, ask the questions that most people would ask about your product that provides the biggest reason to buy NOW! Then answer questions from the audience, always addressing each person by name when you answer their question. Keep it brief and don’t go into long drawn out dissertations. Remember to remind your audience to take advantage of your amazing offer after every couple of questions.


Ask a set of patent questions that address the most common issues people would have with your product and make sure it ALWAYS leads to why they NEED your product! Remember to remind your audience to take advantage of your amazing offer after every couple of questions.

Step 11 – Re-Close (2 to 5 mins)

Time to bring them back to the buying mindset. For a hosted webinar it’s best for the host to tell everyone they NEED to get over and buy your program (remember the authority factor). For an evergreen webinar, YOU have to quickly reiterate the reasons to buy and get the last sales.

Step 12 – Outro (1 to 2 mins)

Time to wrap things up, thank everyone for attending and say your goodbyes!

A Couple Of Tips:

  1. You MUST have presentation “personality” or you will lose your audience right from the start! Slides MUST be professional but don’t have to be ridiculously overstated.
  2. Live Over-The-Shoulder training can be very powerful during your content segment. BE PREPARED! Practice makes better and better.

So there you go.

Just follow this template and craft a webinar and you will do fine.

Now comes the next part: How to setup and run webinars?

There are several services in the marketplace that allow you to do this.

  1. GoToMeeting – This service allow you to run LIVE webinars up to 25 attendees. Its ideal for marketers who are just starting out and want to dip their toes in.
  2. GotoWebinar – This service allows you to run LIVE webinars for 100-1000 attendees (depending upon your plan). Its pricey but it’s the best one out there in the marketplace. Most gurus use GoToWebinar to do LIVE webinars.
  3. WebinarJam – This service uses Google Hangout platform to run LIVE webinars. It gives you a lot of features plus there is no cap on how many attendees can watch your webinar.
  4. EverWebinar – This service allows you to run AUTOMATED webinars. You can run 4 or 10 or 20 webinars a day. Even one webinar every 15 minutes. You can even have a “JUST IN TIME” option where your visitors will be taken to a webinar that is just about to start (your attendance rate would be near 100% with this feature).
  5. StealthSeminar – This service allows you to run both LIVE and AUTOMATED webinar. While it doesn’t look pretty, it’s the best in the marketplace when it comes to automated webinars (its pretty good for LIVE webinars too). Solid software and tons of features. A lot of marketing gurus use this to run automated webinars.

You can pick any of these services to run your webinars and make massive profits from it.

So in this blogpost, we have covered a TON of things.

You now know:

  1. What products to choose to get MAXIMUM results in MIMINUM time (high ticket products – if you don’t have any high ticket products, then MOBE is a great place to get started)
  2. What is the best funnel to promote such products (webinar funnel with application form)
  3. What is the structure of a webinar that is PROVEN to produce massive sales fast (my 12 step webinar template)
  4. What services to use to run your webinars (the 5 services I listed above)

If you TRULY go and apply what you have learnt from this blogpost, you WILL see great results.

Maybe at first you may flounder a bit here and there but if you keep at it, you will end up with a pretty good webinar funnel that will work day in and day out in giving you high quality leads to talk to (you don’t have to sell them hard…all you need to do is have a non-salesy consultative kind of conversation with them and close them on your product).

You can even use my webinar funnel to DIRECTLY promote products on your webinar but I would recommend holding that off TILL you get very proficient with this process.

So before I close out, I want to share with you some results from my webinar campaign.

Product Promoted – Done For You Funnels For Clients

Price Point Of Product – $6000 – $25,000

Traffic Source – FB ads and Email List

Registrations For Webinar – 6124

Attendees – 1042

Application Forms – 105

Final Sales – 18

Total Revenues – $162,000

Did you see how the numbers were broken down?

You may or may not get the same results (it really depends on your traffic source, the product you sell, quality of leads you generate & the quality of your webinar) but the whole point of me showing you these numbers is to make sure that you must maintain stats for each and every webinar campaign you run.

Your stats will tell you the areas for improvement which would allow you to optimize each component of your webinar funnel better.

If you are getting lots of registrants but not enough attendees, then you need to look at your traffic source and your follow up emails leading up the webinar.

If you are getting lots of attendees but people are dropping off mid webinar, then you need to tighten up your webinar content.

If you are getting lots of attendees to stay till the end but not getting enough sales or application form submissions, then you need to work on your offer presentation.

If you are getting lots of application form submissions but they are not converting into sales well, then you need to improve your phone selling process.

If you are noticing poorer quality of leads filling out the application form and getting on a call with you, then you need to QUALIFY people in your ads, emails & webinar so that only the right ones apply.

As you can see, marketing is ALL about process.

You will NOT stumble onto a jackpot webinar funnel.

The only way to get results is to CREATE funnels, TEST it out with traffic, CALCULATE all the stats & OPTIMIZE the areas which needs improvement.

When you do that, very soon you will have a webinar funnel that is spitting out profits like crazy thus allowing you to scale your business to great heights.

Go with the right expectation and make it happen.

I have given you the most powerful marketing funnel in the world. Now go ahead, make use of it and transform your business.

This funnel CAN change your business if you seriously implement it.



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