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From the Desk of Shaqir Hussyin:

—An Invitation to Join The Platinum Club

Dear PBL Subscriber,

I'd like to grant you what essentially amounts to FREE Access to our most exclusive level of membership—Palm Beach Letter Platinum—for life…

And on top of that, I'd like to send you three gifts I believe no retirement-minded investor should be without…

Gift #1 is a free subscription to a service aimed at maximizing your gains and minimizing your losses. In fact, this service actually tells you the exact right price to sell any stock you own. So you'll never guess again.

Value: $299
If you're more of a “hands off” investor, then gift #2 will be perfect for you. It's a free lifetime subscription to a research service that's shows you a portfolio that you can basically set… and forget. My business partner believed so much in this idea that he put $2.5 million of his own money into it.

Value: $1,500
Gift #3 is a subscription to a research service that could literally save your retirement. In fact, a friend of mind—a former hedge fund manager—has discovered a list of 385 popular, “safe” income investments that could soon drop by up to 85%. There's a decent chance you currently own one of these investments. You should check this list soon.

Value: $99

Combined, these three services are worth $1,838… but you'll get them all today, for free, as my gift to you.

So why am I doing this?

Well, it's for a very important reason, really…

No Brainer

Now, there's a couple things I need to share with you about your Palm Beach Letter subscription that you may not know…

First, our Performance Portfolio (that's our main stock portfolio) is currently outperforming the market by large margins—An analysis we did back in December showed our average open pick was beating the S&P 500 by 33%.

In fact, 26 of our 30 recommendations are currently showing positive returns, with 19 double-digit gainers and two triple gainers.

Here's what a few of our subscribers are saying…

My net worth has increased by 157% to almost $500,000. Haven't lost a cent anywhere.”
—Lindsey K., Platinum member


“I have learned more in the last six months than the prior 44 years and I have had other newsletter subscriptions.”
—Todd R , Platinum member


“Ever since I was introduced to The Palm Beach Letter, implementation of the wealth strategies learned has increased my savings by 20% and continues to grow! This, by far, is one of the best investments I've ever made…Needless to say, I'll be a lifetime member and pass this information on to my entire family!”
—Nick M., Memphis, TN

Second, while I'm happy at how we've helped our subscribers beat the market, what I'm most proud of is having introduced the “770” Account (or “Income for Life”) to over 65,000 people in the last year.

The 770, in case you forgot, is a special type of account that, when set up properly, lets you…

…earn up to 5% each year…

…is 100% tax-free…

doesn't expose your money to Wall Street…

…doesn't need to be reported to the IRS…

…and which, unlike 401(k)s or IRAs, lets you access your money anytime you like without penalty.

That's why I call it the most powerful savings vehicle in the world.

It's great.

In fact, that's why the rich elite have long used this secret…

John F. Kennedy had an account. So did President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Walt Disney. Ray Kroc. J.C. Penney. The list goes on and on.

In fact, I love this idea so much that I'm putting over 75% of my family's money into this account.

And our subscribers have taken a liking to the idea, too…

Here's what Jason Oliver, a Platinum Level subscriber, had to say…

“I originally opened the account when I was college planning for my two boys… There's no comparison to regular safe money accounts. It's better than Roth IRA's and way better than 401(k)s and traditional IRAs. Over time, the dividends are incredible. So far, I've used my account to buy a small beach house… and fund my kids' college….”

Here's a picture Jason took from his new house:

View from Platinum Level subscriber Jason Oliver's beach house,
bought using his 770 Account.

Another subscriber, Paul M., said this was “the easiest investing I have ever done… I wish I had known about it 25 years ago, I'd probably already be retired.”

And Robert Andrews, a former financial analyst at Hewlett Packard, told me this:

“It's great. Not only have I never lost a single dime in my account, but in three years it's already grown to over $30,000, tax free. I've even used some of the money to buy gold and to go away on a trip.”

In short, the ideas we've been sharing at The Palm Beach Letter are helping people reach their financial goals—and prepare for a better retirement.

That's exactly what we set out to do when we started The Palm Beach Letter.

It's why I wake up at 3 a.m. each morning to screen stocks. And it's why my business partner Mark Ford still works a full-time schedule, even though he has enough wealth to last 10 lifetimes.

That's why I want to make sure you keep getting these ideas—not just for a year—but for life. And without having to pay the hefty price such a lifetime service would normally entail.

The simple fact is, you'll still need good, solid investment ideas five years from now… 10 years from now… and 20 years from now.

You'll need great investment ideas for life.

Because let's face it.

Banks don't pay…

The government is broke…

And your broker may not have your best interests at heart.

So you've got to take your retirement in your own hands.

That's likely why you decided to try us out in the first place: To act as your “investment guide,” so to speak, to wade through a challenging economy, and help you grow richer over time.

And that's precisely the reason why I think you'll benefit most from The Platinum Club.

Because it is the best, easiest, and cheapest way to keep doing business with us and keep receiving our research and recommendations in the future.

Here's what I mean…

Introducing The Platinum Club

Today I'd like to invite you to become a member of The Platinum Club.

As a club member, you'll be granted access to the highest level of The Palm Beach Letter we offer, the Platinum level… for LIFE.

Here's a list of everything you'll receive as a Platinum Club member…

12 monthly issues of The Palm Beach Letter, delivered on the first Thursday of every month, for life.

A monthly audio break-down of each Palm Beach Letter issue. This is one of our newest features, and it allows you to listen in as my team and I discuss the latest issue in “podcast” format from your home, in the car, or at the gym. Our Platinum Level subscribers love this feature, and I'm sure you will too.

Mark Ford's Creating Wealth essays, delivered to you every week. Mark knows more about building wealth than anyone else I know. In these essays, Mark shares the secrets he learned—that anyone can use, even those with limited funds—to build an eight-figure fortune.

Unrestricted access to Bob Irish's Retirement Insider. Bob recently retired from a successful 30-year career in the investment business. In Retirement Insider, you'll learn Bob's secrets to a living a richer retirement that's free from the boredom many retirees typically face.

Special executive briefs that answer questions (and give updates) on each of our different wealth-building strategies, including ones specifically focused on Income for Life / The 770 Account.

Unlimited access to our complete archive—every future (and part) report, issue, and update we ever publish.

Our comprehensive (and continually updated) manual on The 770 Account.

3 BONUS Retirement Reports, reserved exclusively for Platinum subscribers:

#1) Retirement Wealth Stealers: 50 ways to defeat the “everyday pickpockets” that drain your wealth…

#2) The Retirement Spending Plan: Living rich on a fixed income…

#3) Annuities 101: Everything you need to know about one of the most misunderstood financial products in existence.

Plus, you'll also receive lifetime subscriber discounts (20% minimum) on other Palm Beach Letter products. This perk is reserved for our Platinum subscribers ONLY.


All told, the price of Palm Beach Platinum is $199 per year, and it's worth every penny.

But, as a member of The Platinum Club, you'll get access to all this FOR LIFE… and without ever paying the normal yearly subscription fees…

That means you'll save $995 in subscription fees over five years ($199 times five years)…

$1,990 over 10 years…

And $4,975 over 25 years.

Here are a few of the emails we've received from our Platinum subscribers…


Loves the Monthly Podcasts…



“Up 78%”…



Big Fan of Bob's…



“Having so much more fun”…



And here's another exclusive perk you'll receive as a Platinum Club member…

Don't Lose This Card!

Platinum Club VIP
membership card

As a Platinum Club VIP, we'll also send you your very own custom-made stainless steel membership card.

I still haven't given the print shop the “go-ahead” to etch your name in your card yet. I wanted to run this by you first.

I'll tell you how to get your card in a second, but first there's something you should keep in mind…

Please don't lose your card!

As a Platinum Club member, not only will you be able to access Palm Beach Letter Platinum for the rest of your life… but you'll also be able to “pass on” your membership to the heir of your choice.

That way they too can keep benefiting from all the great benefits you'll receive.

So this truly is a lifetime membership.

Okay, let's move on now. I want to tell you about the three valuable services I'm giving to you for free.

Why I've Just Invested $1,838
in Your Future

Earlier on, I talked about how I want to provide you with the best (and safest) investment ideas—for life.

That's because we see our role here at Palm Beach Letter as a sort of “steward” for your future financial well-being.

You see, our main goal is simple:

To help you grow richer every year, and do so as safely as possible.

That's why I've decided to buy these three following services for you. Because they WILL help you grow wealthier over time.

Okay. So let's take a look at the first service I bought for you…

Gift #1: One year of Dr. Richard Smith's TradeStops Pro ($299 value)

Meet Dr. Smith, Self-Proclaimed
“Worst Investor in America”!

Do you know the first rule of investing?

It's simple: never lose money.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, that used to be the case. Before Dr. Richard Smith came along.

You see, Dr. Smith is what you might call a “math whiz.”

He graduated from Berkeley and went on to earn his Ph.D. in systems science at Binghamton University.

But before he earned his degree, Dr. Smith decided to try his hand at the stock market.

This was back in 1998, right at the beginning of the Internet boom.

At first, he felt like a genius… His initial $5,000 stake quickly multiplied to $25,000…

But then, the market started tanking… And he woke up one morning and his money was down to $20,000.

But rather than sell out for a profit, Dr. Smith held on, thinking they “couldn't fall any further.” Once his account reached $15,000, he told himself he'd “sell once it got back up to $20,000.”

Trouble is, it never did.

By the time he sold, his stake was back down to his original $5,000.

Now, Dr. Smith's story probably isn't “shocking” to you. If you've ever invested in the market, I'm sure you've probably experienced something similar.

But his story does highlight one of the most important issues most investors face… How do you know when to sell a stock?

Do you cash out when a stock is up 40%? 100%. But, then, what if it keeps rising?

And on the flip side, when do you cut a loser? What if it turns around?

That's the complex problem Dr. Smith solved.

He's now spent over a decade and $1 million perfecting software that does one thing extremely well:

It tells you the exact price to sell a stock.

Now, I wouldn't be telling you all about Dr. Smith's software unless it worked great.

And it does.

In fact, Dr. Smith's subscribers include people who work at the some of the top financial institutions in the world. As you'll see, the following list reads like a who's who of the world's top banks…

  • Bank of America
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wachovia
  • HSBC
  • UBS.

And they're not the only ones using it…

Recently, Dr. Smith's “magic” software was back-tested at our corporate affiliate, a $100-million investment research firm.

They studied how Dr. Smith's software could have helped increase the performance of their top three rated investment analysts…

Here's what they found:

The first analyst was a former mutual fund video president. His portfolio had gone up 144%. But with Dr. Smith's software, he could have increased his returns to 204%.

Anyone who followed the second analyst's recommendations could have made an extra $5,200 for every $10,000 they invested…

And the third analyst's picks?

As one of the most widely read financial newsletter writers in America, this analyst's stocks had gone up 300% over the past decade. Pretty good. But with Dr. Smith's tool, they would have been boosted to 364%!


If you own stocks I think it'd be a serious mistake to not to use this simple software (even if you own just a single stock).

Why? Because, quite simply, it helps you make more money.

In fact, even if you don't choose to become a Platinum Club member today, I still recommend you get this product. No other tool I've seen comes close to helping you minimize your losses and maximize your gains.

Now, a one year subscription to Dr. Smith's software normally costs $299. But as a Platinum Club member, you're getting a free year on me.

Gift #2: LIFETIME subscription to The Palm Beach Letter's
Legacy service ($1,500 value)

Turned $5,000 into $22 Million

Here's the next research service I want to buy for you… It's called Legacy and it's one of our own services.

What is Legacy?

Quite simply it's a unique service built around a collection of stocks you should… NEVER SELL!

Now I know that may sound crazy, but this truly is the most “hands-off” and simplest way to invest and grow your money in the stock market for the long run.

In fact, a woman named Anne Goldfarb turned an initial stake of $5,000 into $22 million just by investing in several “Legacy type” businesses. Here's how it happened…

After losing her life savings by trusting a regular stock broker… Anne decided she would gain back all of the money she lost… and make a fortune all on her own.

At the age of 48, she put $5,000 into several “Legacy-type” businesses.

And she never sold.

Not in the rotten bear market of the '70s, when her stocks were down 50%…

Not in the crash of '87.

In fact, at times like these, she reinvested, watched her dividends grow, and stood by her decision.

By the time Anne passed, she'd generated a fortune worth $22 million.

No, that did not occur overnight… But it just goes to show the power of investing in this type of strategy.

Okay, so how does Legacy work?

By harnessing the natural power of compound growth over time. It is the absolute safest way I know of getting wealthy by investing in stocks.

But of course, you can't just invest in any stocks.

Our Legacy Portfolio focuses in on what we believe are the 10 best stocks in the world. These are safe, proven stocks that will still be here in a few decades… they are stocks that consistently grow (and pay out!) over time.

If you wanted to, you could literally just make one initial investment… then forget about this portfolio for the next 10, 20, 30 years…

In fact, Mark Ford believes so much in this idea that he has already personally invested $2.5 million into it!

(Note: If you can spare about half an hour per year, we've also developed a few “tricks” that could double your gains… just by using the dividends that will already be piling up in your account. We call this our Accelerated Accumulation strategy.)

This service retails for $1,500… but as a Platinum Club member, you're getting it absolutely free… for life.

Gift #3: One year of Teeka Tiwari's Mega Trends ($99 value)

How to Avoid “Income Extermination”

The third research service I want to purchase for you is a bit different…

You see, while the Legacy service is built around the very best stocks in the world… a good friend of mine (Teeka Tiwari)

recently alerted me to 385 specific stocks he says every investor should dump right now.

And, according to his research, several important billionaires have already started dumping these specific stocks…

People like Bill Gates, John Paulson, Jim Chanos, and the legendary manager Jeremy Grantham.

Even Bank of America and Goldman Sachs have alerted their clients.

It all has to do with what Teeka calls “Income Extermination”—a catastrophic event that could see several popular “safe” income stocks… bonds… funds… REITs… and even utilities… plummet by as much as 80%.

And what’s worst, this event is on schedule to occur in 2014!

Now, I have to admit… what Teeka is suggesting is very drastic. And I’m not 100% convinced it will come to pass. But it would be irresponsible for me to dismiss what he says off-hand…



Teeka appearing on FOX Business News and ABC News

You see, Teeka has a history of being remarkably right when making his predictions.

For example, he made millions in 1998 by betting on the Asian financial crisis…

And in February 2007, he warned investors to steer clear of the sub-prime crisis.

And then in December 2010, he saw a unique opportunity open up in a specific commodity market (cotton). He pulled the trigger and, as a result, ended up making a 730% return on his positions.

So he’s a man worth listening to.

And that’s why I’m also buying you a one-year subscription to Teeka’s new investment research service, Mega Trends .

With your subscription to Mega Trends you’ll be able to read Teeka’s report on “income extermination,” and also enjoy a full year of his best investment insights.

Now again, I want to reiterate… I’m not saying “income extermination” will occur—It’s an incredibly dire event that could wipe out the savings of millions of retirees…

BUT… I feel it’s my obligation to at least encourage you to take a very careful look at Teeka’s research and prepare yourself in consequence.

How to Accept Your
Platinum Club Invitation

Okay, we’ve covered a lot of ground here. And I think it’s time I tell you how you can activate your Platinum Club membership…

But before I do that, I just want to recap everything you’ll get as a Platinum Club VIP.

You’ll get…

An issue of The Palm Beach Letter each month for life

The monthly audio break-down for each issue for life

An ongoing subscription to Mark Ford's Creating Wealth

Unrestricted lifetime access to Bob Irish's Retirement Insider

Our special monthly executive briefs, including on our 770 Account / Income for Life strategy

Unlimited access to our complete archive—every future (and past) report, back issue, and update we will ever publish

Our comprehensive (and continually updated) manual on The 770 Account.

3 BONUS Platinum-only Retirement Reports: #1) Retirement Wealth Stealers #2) The Retirement Spending Plan: Living rich on a fixed income and #3) Annuities 101

Exclusive Platinum-only subscriber discounts on other Palm Beach Letter products (at least 20% or more)

A FREE YEAR of Dr. Richard Smith's TradeStops Pro software ($299)

A FREE YEAR of Teeka Tiwari's Mega Trends ($99)

And A FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to our Legacy service ($1,500).

PLUS, you’ll also receive a package in the mail that includes your custom stainless steel Platinum card.

All told you’re looking at a retail value of well above $2,000… and that’s just the value you’ll receive in the first year.

Remember, as a Platinum Club member… you will NOT have to pay the $199 yearly fee that comes with a normal Palm Beach Letter Platinum subscription.

Because of that, it means your savings will increase by $199… each and every yearFOR LIFE!

That adds up to a savings of $995 in subscription fees over five years…

$1,990 over 10 years…

And $4,975 over 25 years.

And, of course, if you choose you’ll be able to pass on your subscription to your heirs. So this truly is a lifetime offer.

Okay, let’s move on.

Here’s how you can accept my invitation to join The Platinum Club today…

Three Simple Steps

  1. The first step to become a Platinum Club VIP member is to click on the big green “Yes, Send My Card!” button below.
  2. Then, just verify the best address for me to send your Platinum Club card.
  3. Now, although this membership is worth over $2,000 in the first year alone… and over $5,000 long term… you’ll only be charged a one-time activation fee of $550. That is the only fee you’ll ever be charged, save a small yearly maintenance fee of $19.

    (Without this small fee we could never afford to make this lifetime offer.)

That’s it!

Then, within 24 hours you’ll receive a welcome email outlining the details of your Platinum Club membership, including information on how to activate your three bonus subscriptions to Dr. Smith’s TradeStops Pro, Teeka Tiwari ’s Mega Trends and our very own Legacy service.

(Just a reminder that you won’t have to pay a cent for these three services—they are my free gift to you.)

You’ll then receive your Platinum membership card in the mail in a week or two.

Text Box: Yes, Send my Card!

90-Day Guarantee

Okay, so I know you may have a few questions about this special offer…

That’s why I want you to know that you’ll still be covered by a generous 90-day guarantee.

So, please… take the next 90 days to make sure this is right for you.

Read (and print) all the special reports… go through the bonuses… send us your questions… follow our investment recommendations.

Then, at the end of 90 days, if you’re not absolutely and totally convinced this is the best $550 you’ve ever spent… simply say the word and we’ll return all your money, minus a 10% processing fee.

(Note: This small “tire-kicker” fee is to discourage those who aren’t committed to improving their financial situation, and are just looking for freebies—believe it or not, but there are some people like that out there… We’re making a big commitment to you here. I only want to help those seriously committed to growing their wealth.)

Look, here’s the thing…

This is (by far) the best and least expensive way to keep doing business with us over the long term.

I mean, think about it…

If you were to enroll in an American college and sign up for an undergraduate class, what would that cost you? (Not a whole degree, just a single undergraduate class.)

$100? $200? $550?

Think again.

I did a bit of research and here’s what I found…

Forbes recently ranked 650 American schools, and here’s what a single class cost at the worst listed college…


I’m not talking about Harvard, Stanford, or Princeton… but the worst of all schools.

Now I know we’re talking about two slightly different things, but in principle, what we’re talking about is education.

So let’s compare…

You could pay $2,650 for ONE undergraduate level course (taught by a single professor) at arguably the worst college in America…


You could spend $550 (plus a small $19 per year maintenance fee) for a LIFETIME education in practical wealth-building and investment ideas… Ideas that are already beating the S&P 500 by a wide margin. And that have helped every day retirees put thousands (and even hundreds of thousands) of dollars in their pockets. And these are ideas that are supported by our full-time staff of over 30 analysts, researchers, and experts all passionate about building your wealth.

So what do you think? What’s the better buy?

Again, I know that’s not a straight apples-to-apples comparison, but the point I’m trying to make is this:

You’ll never get a better offer than this to obtain a LIFETIME of financial education and service.

So please seize this opportunity.

Because it won’t last long.

In fact, this offer is only valid until midnight, May 29.

We feel that this is a reasonable deadline… and that, given the generous 90-day guarantee… and given the scope of the offer (and free bonuses you’ll receive) this truly is a “no-brainer” offer.

I recommend, therefore, that you make the decision to join The Platinum Club today.

Simply click on the button below to get started.

Text Box: Yes, Send my Card!


To Your Future Wealth,

Tom Dyson
Publisher, Common Sense Publishing
May, 2014

P.S. When you think about it, $550 is not much to join an exclusive club. For example, I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I pay $5,000 to be part of my local private golf club… and that’s $5,000 each year!

When you join The Platinum Club, you are, in a sense, joining a type of “private investment club”… but the difference here is that this is a club that helps you protect (and grow) your money. In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ll be able to fund your yearly golf membership dues (or most other “entertainment” costs) just with the extra cash our research will help you earn.

To join the Platinum Club, click here.

Still Not Convinced?
Read These Unsolicited Comments…

“Best overall letter”

Comment left on popular independent,
3rd party financial website

“Do not let the price deceive you”…

Comment left on popular independent,
3rd party financial website

Purchased subscription for 28-year-old Godchild

Comment left on popular independent,
3rd party financial website

“Unlike any financial newsletter I’ve read”…

Comment left on popular independent,
3rd party financial website

“BEST piece of advice I have ever seen”…

Sheep no more…

“Best investment of the year”

Not just about the money…

Text Box: Yes, Send my Card!

NOTE: You will be able to review your order before confirming. Also, please remember that your Platinum Club membership comes complete with a 90-day money back guarantee (minus 10% processing fee). Offer expires at midnight, May 29, 2014.

Still Have Questions?

Q. If this membership will be worth over $5,000 throughout the years, why am I only paying $550, plus a $19 per year maintenance fee?

A. Good question. The only reason we are able to offer this lifetime membership so cheaply is because our costs are divided among thousands of subscribers. If you were to hire our entire staff for a year of research and support by yourself… it would cost you well over a million dollars! Luckily, thousands of people throughout the world have seen the value in our work and subscribe to our services, which lowers the cost for everyone.

Q. You mention that this is a lifetime offer… but, Tom, how do I know you’ll still be around 5-10 years (or more) from now?

A. Many people don’t know this about me… but I’m only 38-years-old. And I absolutely love what I’m doing right now. Building wealth is my passion. So I’ll be here for the long haul.

Q. If I don’t act by May 29, 2014 can I still get this offer later on?

A. At this time, we cannot guarantee you’ll get another opportunity to join the Platinum Club for such a low activation fee. Chances are, if we open it up again later on, it will be more expensive, and likely a lot more expensive.

Text Box: Yes, Send my Card!

NOTE: You will be able to review your order before confirming. Also, please remember that your Platinum Club membership comes complete with a 90-day money back guarantee (minus 10% processing fee). Offer expires at midnight, May 29, 2014.

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