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“Money Getting Made EASY..."

Get That Income, Respect & Recognition You Actually Deserve & Brutally Desire.... Better Yet, I'll Help You Get Them Handed To You On A Silver Platter!

What Other 'Income Playa's' Are Saying.... (Alot more down below)

I've sold over $1 Million worth of digital product's over the last 12 month's, been responsible for MANY multiple 6-figure launches
and i've worked with Shaqir Hussyin closely before, his knowledge and wisdom exceeds his age, not only is he a rockstar at getting
monstrous amount's of traffic and leads, his energy and passion for marketing, sales and being a high performer is exceptional
and highly contagious..

....Just recently i spend a full day with him getting consulting for my business and just the one thing he taught me about high-leverage re: 80/20 analysis has really helped clarify my daily money-getting activities and helped identify my constraints in my personal business & my life.

When it comes to automating your business, making more money, whilst working less, Shaqir Hussyin is your guy, he has taught me so much about the 2 most important things online, targeted traffic and highly converting sales funnels. He is busy "actually doing" and very rarely teaches, when he does you ought to listen to him, because he REALLY can skyrocket your income in record time.

Aaron Darko, Internet Marketer 



Let's Cut The Crap & B.S - You're Here Cos You Want MORE?

Discover How YOU Can Get A Potent Cocktail Of Proven Cash Generating Marketing Pieces And Advertising Tools That Anyone Serious About Exploding Their Sales And Profits FAST . . . Would Be Lining Up At The Bar To Drink!

HA! Soooo if you want more lot'sa traffic, leads and sales, i can HELP YOU! On this page you'll discover some cool money-getting stuff i can help you achieve:

Here's Some Proof Of ONE Of My Clickbank Account Stats: By April 2012 this year, I drove over 80,000 visitor's averaging over $1.08 EPC (Earning's Per Click) - From FREE Traffic! Purely as an "Affiliate Marketer" which equates to over = $87,480 in personal affiliate commissions.

If you ever wanted to REALLY stuff your email inbox & bank account with overwhelming commission notifications like these, picture below shows only 1 single product that i promote on a daily basis that's in a 24 HOUR period. Hand's free commissions!

- INTERESTED ?


Here's Some Money-Getting Bragging It Out results - For The Last "Internet Marketing Company" i was driving traffic to: where i was one of the top 10 affiliate's out of over 20,000 affiliate marketer's - see details below....

Over the past 3 years I’ve taught thousands of home business owners simple, yet little-known, marketing strategies & techniques that have literally skyrocket their income, i have trained some of the LARGEST internet marketing communities in the world, and I have “coached” hundreds of people to new levels of success through seminar's that i've spoken at, private high-level workshops i've held, webinar's that have had over 7,500 registrant's, personal One On One consulting and mentoring.

I’m a “high-level” player in the traffic generation world - what you saw above is just a measly result of ONE of tens of campaigns i run on a daily/weekly/monthly basis - and regularly get paid $5,000 for just a half day of consulting by successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

GURU's and alike come to me for traffic & consulting - my fee's are stated below and start at $997 - $24,997.

If you've read all the details above - then it's clear by now i know what i'm talking about & more IMPORTANTLY my result's and testimonials speak for themselves (More testimonials and 'social proof' are being added on a weekly basis)

If you seen what i have done - if you've been recommended by a previous client/friend of mine, or you've met me at one of my seminar's and you like what you hear & know.

Get in touch, Playa.

Let's talk business.

If you just stumbled onto this page - and you have no idea who i am, feel free to look around, there's some free info on

If you're kinda new to this online marketing stuff - and want some 1 On 1 help - then get in touch via the links below and we'll be in touch.

I've created astonishing result's for myself and amazing ROI's for my client's.

See, for you to create ANY level of REAL success - as one of my mentors said you must have:

"Reliable, Predictable, Consistent SYSTEMS That Affordably and
Efficiently Provide Abundant Quantities of Quality Prospects, Customers, & Clients" - Dan Kennedy.

The keyword here is SYSTEMS.

I create systems. Highly leveraged systems, traffic generating, money-getting automated system's, email marketing rapid cash systems, automated launch formula systems, utilizing my own personal "Relational Capital", cutting edge tools, software's, and resources that i have exclusive access to.

Over the year's I've invested over $120,000+ into my own personal ROLODEX, travelled the world, read hundred's of books, joined some of the highest level partnerships, masterminds & coaching programs available, invested heavily in my mind, my joint venture relationships, and i KEEP on investing in myself.

That's one of the ULTIMATE KEY secret's to success.

Investing in yourself.

I create systems that churn out cash on demand, on autopilot whilst you work less, have more fun, and do things that you most enjoy & actually have a life - which is why you really go into business in the first place....

So you rather work "on your business" and not "in your business"...

I take your business yourself, your systems, your people, your products and add my magic to it...

Over the last 3 year's i have traveled the world. TWICE. Learning & Applying from the best of the best in my field.

Masterminding and making friends with the industry's leading mover's & shaker's, getting hired / flown around the world by PLAYER's to consult them and get them more traffic, leads and sales.

I've invested over $120,000+ in my personal education, growth and relationships to get to where i am....

I still invest in the most advanced training programs, world class seminar's, mastermind's available on the planet to stay at the top of my game.

I'm the guy that make's that happen.

The BIG guy's come to me when they want traffic, leads and sales. I'm the go-to guy for strategic brainstorming on million dollar launches.

I've done/still doing it for myself, my friends, my client's, my business partner's and to people whom i love to do business with.

If you like what you see - hit the links below. Get booked in.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT for everyone & their mum.
I have some free training that can help you make money online and get traffic & all that jazz :)

If you are one of those people that are draining / energy suck - like to complain & whine like a little bitch, if you are dead-broke and can't even think straight, if you buy 'hoping' to take me up and get a refund - please do NOT buy.

I don't need your money.

I'm in a place in my life where i like to ONLY do business with people of a similar energy vibration Playa's. Result Maker's. Leader's.

Thanks for your time. Look forward to helping you bringing in lot'sa moolah!



60 Minutes Phone Consulting/Strategy Session By Me. One Payment Of $999.

Raw, Unedited and straight to the Money-Getting talk! This can be split into 2 x 30 minute calls or 1 x 60 Mins - this will help you clarify and breakthru your current sticking point's in your business and create a clear, concise blueprint to follow to achieve your goals, faster, easier and with less effort.

**You can discuss ANYTHING you desire, about - systems, hiring, marketing, getting traffic, sales, advertising, persuasion, influence,
sales-copy, conversion, marketing funnel, etc. *There are NO LIMITS to topics of discussion.*After your order is placed, we'll contact you within 24-48 hours - to schedule your business "Strategy Session".
*Because I'm devoting my personal time with each client, "refunders" are NOT welcome. My results are proven,
and value is guaranteed. If you're a "refunder", then this isn't for you. No refunds will be given.

line Get Consulting

One Intensive & Intimate Full Day Brainstorming And
Strategic Action Planning Day With Shaqir Hussyin in London - $7,499

5 hours of intensive coaching/consulting/strategic intensive that will arm you with
"Done For You" plug & profit campaigns that will be ready to help you cash-in! FAST!

This can be delivered via online or in person. (Most people choose 2 days for $15k in the Phoenix, AZ mansion)

I'll help you leverage your existing assets and my personal assets to find new & profitable "Profit Centers".

**You can discuss ANYTHING you desire, about - marketing, traffic, sales, advertising, persuasion, influence,
sales-copy, conversion, marketing funnel, etc. *There are NO LIMITS to topics of discussion.*After your order is placed, we'll contact you within 24-48 hours - to schedule your business "Strategy Session".
*Because I'm devoting my personal time with each client, "refunders" are NOT welcome. My results are proven, and value is guaranteed. If you're a "refunder", then this isn't for you. No refunds will be given.

line Get Consulting

Ultimate Done For You - Strategic Marketing Makeover -
One Payment Of $24,997 + $3k (Monthly - Minimum 3 Months)

Spend 2 Days in person with Shaqir Hussyin. 10 hours of 1-1.

The rest can be delivered via online.

This is a high-level "Done For You Solution" option.


-- EXTREME BUSINESS MAKEOVER, over 30 days, with Shaqir's Personal Guidance.

**GOAL: To dramatically increase your sales and conversions = GET MORE MONEY!

WHAT THE "EXTREME BUSINESS MAKEOVER IS: A "salescopy and marketing analysis" of your ENTIRE online marketing funnel and follow up series - including emails used and related website destinations used in sales process. *From the moment a lead see's your ads and marketing materials - to the moment they BUY and become a CUSTOMER - to the UPSELL PROCESS when they BUY MORE!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: DONE FOR YOU *EVERYTHING from beginning to end "lead & customer getting" process!

*Including a full-conversion analysis & ready made done for you solutions you can expect...


  • Your Ads
  • Your Landing Page
  • Your "Auto-Responder" emails
  • Call To Actions / Tracking
  • All Funnel Website Destinations
  • Funnel-Incorporated Videos / Text
  • All Relative Salescopy/Text
  • Traffic Getting Blueprint
  • Integration Marketing / JV / Affiliate System Setup
  • Etc...


  • Font Colors, Types, and Sizes
  • Ad, Email, & Website Formatting
  • Personal Brand Perception
  • Social Presence
  • Call-to-Actions throughout Funnel
  • Sequencial Material Arrangement

ALL Traffic Generating Systems

I'll help you leverage your existing assets and my personal assets to find new & profitable "Profit Centers" in the form of launches, joint venture's, licensing deals and more.

***BONUS*** If we happen to share similar goal's in term's of serving customer's / client's in the MMO / IM niche, there may be a chance to offer your services / product's to my highly responsive 100,000+ Subscriber database.

If you're interested in this particular offer, click the link below to contact me and fill in the form, starting your message off with "Strategic Marketing Makeover Please!"

(This is a NEW service, i launched this last January where i opened 3 spots. Sold out within 1 month. Because of the amazing success i've had for 2012 i am taking on 25 New Clients for 2013.

17 of them have been taken, 8 spots remain for the rest of 2013.

line Get Consulting

I’ve had the privilege of watching Shaqir climb the ranks to becoming
one of the internet's elite affiliate marketing "gangsta" (In a good way).With the business models we have worked together on in the past Shaqir has always been a top producer in the top 3% of money earner's in this entire industry. His ability to network, craft simple & complex traffic deals is bar none.I’ve seen him from the beginning and experienced first hand as he generated as many as 7,500 leads in a single dayand crush out his first 6 figure month.Anyone looking for strategic coaching or consulting should strongly consider working with Shaqir Hussyin. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.Kameron George,
Co Founder - iGlobal Pros

What Other’s Say About Me…. (YES! This is RAWWW Bragging By My Peeps!)


“Come Join Me At The Finish Line…”

One person can only do so much. But If he gathers a group of people around him who are committed to the same goals, if he galvanizes them and inspires them and taps into their inner drive, they can perform miracles together.

It takes courage. A lot of people will try to tell you it’s impractical or impossible. They’ll tell you to lower your sights. They’ll tell you business can’t be benevolent.

Remember: You’ll be left with an empty feeling if you hit the finish line alone. When you run a race as a team, though, you’ll discover that much of the reward comes from hitting the tape together. You want to be surrounded not just by cheering onlookers but by a crowd of winners, celebrating as one.

Victory is much more meaningful when it comes not just from the efforts of one person, but from the joint achievements of many. The euphoria is lasting when all participants lead with their hearts, winning not just for themselves but for one another…

“Success is sweetest when it’s shared.”

-Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks

Author of “Pour Your Heart Into It”

Shaqir Hussyin is an Award-Winning Direct Response Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Investor that specialises in Solo Ad/ Media Buying/ Paid Traffic strategies to help grow businesses of entrepreneur's, coaches, experts and online marketers.

Over the last 3 years he's trained over 30,000 internet marketers via webinar's, seminars, and private workshops. He's built various email newsletter's in different verticals, ranging from a subscriber base of over 120,000 active subscribers all the way to over 400,000 subscriber's that follow his teachings and rants.

To learn more and register for future cutting edge free training classes:
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