Are You Frustrated At Trying To Get On A Call With Me? Here’s Why It’s Hard – And Why This Simple Lesson Could Make You A Millionaire

I need to get this off my chest.

It may seem a bit rude or insensitive (at first) but in reality, it’s not.

Every single day, I get a LOT of emails and Facebook private messages from various people asking me if I could get on a call with them and help them for FREE.

A lot of people think that just because I do very well in my own business, I am kinda obligated to help others for FREE.

You know like paying it forward.

Now listen up and listen closely.

First things first.

I LOVE helping people.

I genuinely want you all to succeed and I TRULY MEAN IT.

Unlike some other marketers, I am NOT secretive about my strategies. I am like an open book.

If someone asks me about some strategy when they meet me in person, at one of my events or on a LIVE webinar, I just reveal what works for me.

The reason why I do that is because:

  1. I know that my answer would TRULY help them
  2. I have enough confidence in my ability that I don’t have to hide my strategies to succeed

But with that being said, if you were to come and ask me to spend my PERSONAL TIME with you for FREE, my answer is going to always be NO.

Always always always NO.

Here’s why:

I run several multi-million dollar businesses and the most valuable commodity that I have is MY TIME.

I have spent $100,000s in courses and coaching programs developing my knowledge and spent countless hours in developing my skills to the point where I can get insane results for myself and my clients.

And its because of these skills, I get a LOT of requests to do free coaching.

Now if I start helping out people for FREE, I would have to honour so many requests that I would have to spend every waking hour of mine doling out FREE advice.

If I do that, I can’t run my business.

I can’t deliver value to my students who have paid money to access my courses and coaching programs.

I can’t manage my team to deliver results for my clients who have ACTUALLY paid me huge sums to get their campaigns going.

In fact, it would be super unethical of me to spend my working hours personally helping out people for FREE.

Which is precisely why I say NO to such requests.

Now just because I am busy does not mean that people who need a bit of personal help

can never get it.

I have setup systems and structures in place which allows ANYONE who is serious enough to get personal help.

If you want to get started online and make money, go and sign up for a free strategy session with my Income Kickstarter Coach.

If you want to get help regarding generating and converting traffic, go and sign up for a free strategy session with my Solo Ads Agency Coach.

If you want help on building super powerful funnels that can produce 6 and 7 figure incomes FAST, go and sign up for a free strategy session with my Guru Funnels Coach.

I actually PAY THESE guys to help you.

They will get on a call with you (for no cost) and they will help you get started in the right direction.

This way, my time is utilized the right way and you GET the help you need.

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