5 Lessons From The Pokemon Go Sensation That Multiplies Your Marketing

Have you heard of Pokemon Go?

It has taken the world by storm.

People are getting addicted to it like crazy.

They are roaming around their city like zombies playing this game.

Some nut cases have even caused road accidents while playing it.

There was also a report about one wanted criminal who walked right into a police station while playing this game and got arrested.

Funny part was that he was MORE UPSET that he had to stop playing this game than the fact that he was arrested.

Haha…Crazy right?

Social media and blog platforms have blown up talking about Pokemon Go too.

This game has literally come out of nowhere and has got the world hooked on to it.

So what exactly is Pokemon Go and why is it important for marketers like us to know about it?

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game where you can go on a REAL LIFE HUNT to catch pokemons in your city.

You can download the Pokemon Go app for free in your smartphone.

The app will use your phone’s clock and GPS system to tell you where different pokemons will appear and you have to go to that place and catch them before someone else does.

To be honest, I hear that the game is quite fun once you actually get into it..

There are a lot of incredible lessons to be learned from the rapid success of Pokemon Go.

Lessons that could help us make more sales and grow our businesses faster.

If you're reading this post and you think that there is NOTHING to learn from games like Pokemon Go, then let me tell you something:

If you want to be successful in business, you shouldn’t just be focusing on what’s happening in your industry only.

You should focus on what’s happening around the world, take a look at what is getting people’s attention and find out WHY it’s happening and look at what lessons you can take from it.

Doing so would broaden your understanding and give you a unique perspective to solve existing problems in your business using approaches that you normally wouldn’t have taken.

Fact is that we online marketers can learn a LOT by studying the success of Pokemon Go.

Here’s why:

When you are in sales or marketing, you are NOT studying scientific principles.

You are NOT studying equations that can lead to only one correct answer.

You are studying human behavioral patterns so that you can use that in your marketing to positively influence people to buy your products.

Now human behavior isn’t an exact science. We can only learn more about it by OBSERVING how humans behave in different situations.

There is a reason why people seem to be falling madly in love with Pokemon Go and getting addicted to it.

It’s doing something that’s getting people to behave the way they do.

And we as marketers need to examine it to find out what’s what.

That’s why I am writing this post where I am going to list out my findings on what lessons we can take from Pokemon Go’s success.

Lesson 1 – People Want A Real Life Experience Right Where They Are In Center Of The Action

Virtual reality is the future of entertainment.

While people love watching movies, TV series and playing video games, there is no doubt about the fact that they crave for an experience where they are at the center of the action.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game.

Meaning, it uses technology that superimposes graphics (in this case, pokemons) on the user’s view of the real world.

Something like this:

pokemon go 

So as you can see, when you play Pokemon Go, you are not playing some normal video game where you have to click a few buttons.

Here you are right in the CENTER OF ACTION.

You will be notified of places where pokemons are likely to appear and you have to go to that place and catch these them on your smartphone.

This taps into the inner desire of people to be part of the action and that’s why they love this game.

The success of Pokemon Go shows where the entertainment industry is widely believed to be going.

So how does all this help us in our business?

Here’s how:

It’s a human trait to WANT to be in the center of action.

To experience everything LIVE.

That’s why selling to people in PERSON produces FAR BETTER results than just selling to them online.

It’s for this reason, we get far better results selling products through LIVE in-person training events as opposed to selling them through just the internet.

Yes, its all fine and dandy to sit behind a computer, click a few buttons, get traffic and make sales.

It works (no doubt about that) but if you ever give your prospects a REAL experience by conducting a free training event in their city and then promote the same product, you will get a shock of your life at the response rate.

Selling a $2000 or $5000 or $10,000+ product via live event is a piece of cake compared to selling it online.

So the first lesson is:

Do more LIVE events.

If you cannot put together LIVE events right now, then here’s an elegant (and an even better) solution:

Partner up with me in MOBE and get started with the 21 steps.

Once you complete the steps, you can promote the MOBE Live Events that occur all over the world.

You just have to drive the traffic and MOBE will do all the selling and whenever someone purchases a product in the event, you will make $1250, $3300 and $5500 per sale.

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Lesson 2 – Strategic Relationships Lead To Tremendous Growth

In Pokemon Go, the pokemons appear in common landmarks as well as in front of businesses that have entered into a strategic partnership with it.

Imagine this..

You are playing Pokemon Go and you spot a pokemon in front of a coffee shop. You go to that coffee shop and catch the pokemon.

Now what do you do?

You have to go to other places to catch other pokemons.

Now won’t it be nice to go inside the coffee shop to grab something to eat and drink and then carry on with your journey?

Haha. Of course, it would be nice.

And that is precisely how small businesses benefit from Pokemon Go.

Many of them have reported an INCREASE IN SALES due to visitors coming into their stores while playing Pokemon Go.

Can you imagine the genius of this game?

The game is FREE for all members.

But it has strategic relationships with small businesses who are willing to spend money for pokemons to get featured in their location.

Pokemons in their location = Foot traffic = Sales

This is a perfect example of how strategic relationship can be a win-win deal for all.

Here’s something more to think about:

Pokemon Go is a gaming app.

Many of the small businesses that it has tied up with are brick and mortar stores.

They both are as different as CHALK and CHEESE.

Yet they both benefit massively from each other.

You may be good at one aspect of your business. But if you know the right people, you can solve all your business problems and grow faster.

So build relationships with people in and out of your industry.

Take the case of Russell Brunson.

He is in the marketing field but he had relationships with those who knew killer software developers.

This partnership resulted in the creation of a groundbreaking software called Clickfunnels which has taken our industry by storm.

Never discount the power of relationships.

The surest way to build great relationships and become part of a community is by getting to LIVE events.

Do that because you never know what doors will open up for you IF you know the right people.

Lesson 3 – Engagement Leads To Magical Things

Pokemon Go has captured the imagination and interest of people because it evokes a lot emotions in them.

When people play this game, they are literally on an adventure looking to catch pokemons before others do.

They also get to compare their spoils with their friends which in a way creates a fun competition that spurs everybody to try harder and get ahead of the rest.

Basically it taps into the inner human desire of accomplishment. There are different pokemons that you need to catch. Every pokemon is not the same.

It also brings out nostalgic memories for those who have been fans of the Pokemon franchise.

Everything adds up and creates an atmosphere where its easy for people just transport into the world of pokemons.

Think about it for a minute…

Why did Harry Potter become so successful despite the fact that there were many books from the past which wove stories around wizards, witches, dragons, wands, magic, etc.

Its because of the fact that Harry Potter could make everything seem REAL.

When kids read Harry Potter, they got transported to an alternate world that was so richly designed and satisfying that they started believing that it could all be TRUE.

THAT is the reason why Harry Potter was successful.

It wasn’t just a good story.

It was the ultimate adventure a kid could go through. And that sort of engagement turned the Harry Potter series into an absolute sensation.

Engagement builds trust which in turn results in massive sales.

You can do the same in your online business.

Start providing great content to your audience (prospects and customers) through multiple channels like blogs, Youtube, social media, webinars and emails.

Some people like to consume information through text.

Some like to watch videos.

Some like to attend webinars where they can get information in one shot.

Some like to consume information through short videos about various topics.

Some are very active on social media (like Facebook) and they like to consume value driven posts.

So start giving value through various channels.

Get them to like, share and comment on your stuff. When you write emails, ask them to email back if they have any queries.

When you are conducting a webinar, ask your attendees to ask questions and answer them for all to see.

Tell lots of stories.

Use your life story in your marketing SO MUCH that it gets imprinted in the mind of your audience.

My results got a LOT better when I started engaging my audience through multiple mediums.

I highly recommend you start doing the same.

One small step at a time.

Lesson 4 – Branding Sometimes Opens Doors That Nothing Else Can

A lot of people might look at Pokemon Go and think that it became a rage ONLY because of its idea and execution.

That’s not true.

A game like this existed EVEN before but it never caught on.

Its name was Ingress.

It was developed by a Google owned software developer Niantic.

It had a more compelling plot with a more evolved story but YET nobody cared about it.

Later on, Niantic helped the Pokemon company to develop Pokemon Go and the rest is history.

How did this happen?

A groundbreaking game (which was probably better) was cast aside while a newer version was lapped up.

Its all due to the brand of Pokemon.

Pokemon has a huge fan base and even those who aren’t its fans have heard about it.

So when Pokemon Go was released, the fans of Pokemon started playing it.

Soon word spread and everyone latched onto it.

That is the power of branding.

Sounds a bit unfair right?

A better game losing out to a newer game for no fault?

That’s how life is.

We have to view the world the way it works and adjust accordingly.

Branding is HUGE in today’s world.

Lately, you may have heard me talk a LOT about personal branding.

There is a reason for that.

If you have a strong brand, you will find it easier to achieve your objectives (be it making more sales, growing your business, etc).

Trust me on this.

In the last few years, I have seen with my own eyes how branding impacted my own business.

Since I engage with my audience and my content can be found all over the internet, I find people gravitate towards me and buy my products more easily.

I get more high ticket customers and clients with ease.

Having branding is like taking a machine gun to a fist fight.

Yes, its that big an advantage.

Sure, you can always make sales and build a good business WITHOUT having a brand but when you do have it, everything explodes and starts working even better.

That’s why I urge people to work towards building their brand.

Provide more value.

Tell more stories.

Create more multi channel content.

Interact more with audience.

When you do all that, your brand power will rise slowly and steadily.

It’s worth it.

Lesson 5 – Timing Can Be Very Very Crucial

Pokemon Go launched when the summer started and the kids were out of school and everyone was in the mood to go outside and hang out.

Imagine if the same game had launched during winter when it would be freezing and snowing?

Would it have been successful like now?

Absolutely not.

That’s why timing is so crucial.

It’s the same with the internet marketing industry too.

Here you need to pay attention to trends as this industry goes through rapid changes ALL the time.

There are trends which point to what products, traffic sources, opportunities, etc will work the best at a particular given time.

There are trends which point to where a market is headed.

Sometimes a marketplace may go through a radical change and those who don’t adapt on time may end up losing it all.

The best strategy at the wrong time will produce little to no results while a semi decent strategy at the RIGHT time will produce very good results.

That’s why you need to stay in touch with what’s happening in your marketplace.

Many businesses in the past have risen and fallen because they got complacent once they got going.

They stopped innovating. They stopped paying attention to their surroundings.

And by the time they realized their mistake, it was too late.

Never make that mistake.

Always lookout for what opportunities you can exploit and you will see your business growing faster than ever.

So these are the 5 very crucial lessons I got from the success of Pokemon Go.

As for Pokemon Go, there is no stopping it for now.

People seem to be having a ton of FUN while playing this game.

And fun is ALWAYS good for business because people LOVE having a good time.

Your prospects are no different.

So give value to them (through educational marketing) and make sure they enjoy consuming it.

When you do that, they will repay you 100X through their purchases, praises and LOVE.

And isn’t that what we all want? 🙂


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