“Walk Away With A High Converting Marketing Funnel in 2 Days ”

In This 2 Day Marketing Implementing Bootcamp, You Will Learn How To Get More Leads And Walk Away With A High Converting Marketing Funnel…

Days Left to Save $3,168:

Round-Face-150x150From Shaqir Hussyin

Re: 2 Day Marketing Implementation Bootcamp

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

If you've been struggling to generate leads and make sales know one thing...
"It's not your fault". It's likely you are working with 2nd hand information that "worked" years ago. Information moves fast in this industry and chances are what worked last year doesn't work today.

You need is to stay ahead of the curve and get information from those who are making it happen. But it's not enough to just get information, we also need to IMPLEMENT.

So in this 2 Day Marketing Bootcamp we will not only cover the theory but also work together and implement them.

The end result for – you walk away with a high converting marketing funnel and get more money in your pocket.

This is YOUR chance to work side by side with the experts – And have them work on YOUR brand.

For 2 days you will be learning and implement marketing strategies thats working right now.

The Itinerary Will Be As Follows:

Day 1: High Converting Lead Capture Page and Follow-up

We'll work on creating your own high converting lead capture page including developing an opt-in bait that's unique to you and matches your brand. We will also work on creating a killer 15 email follow-up sequence that brands you, builds value and sells to your subscribers.

Day 2: Develop A High Converting Pre-Frame

We’ll create a killer pre-frame video that brands you and my professional video guy will record your video for you. Don’t worry, we’ll work together until you’re happy with the video. If you don’t want to be on video that’s fine - we’ll create a killer on-screen pre-frame video training.

As you go through the program and see your funnel come together – and you’ll see how it could take just one benefit from them to transform your income and your life forever.

If you've been looking for an opportunity to have an expert help you - this is your chance!

There are only 30 seats available as we want to keep it an small group as possible and be able to give everyone the attention they deserve. So grab a seat now whilst they are still available.  As soon as seats have sold out we are taking down this page.

Again here's what you'll be getting as part of the 2 Day Marketing Implementation Program:

  • Custom high converting capture page (including developing an opt-in bait for your brand)
  • Professional pre-frame video that positions you as the expert
  • High converting 15 day follow-up sequence

Most people struggle to figure out what they need to do to succeed in their marketing efforts. With the implementation bootcamp, not only do you get to work side-by-side with the experts, at the end of it, you walk away with a high converting funnel. It’s win-win.

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill in the form below to reserver your seat. This page will be taken down as soon as seats are sold out. So take action RIGHT NOW!

SPECIAL WARNING: You need to apply before midnight June 15th to reserve in your seat– As  this will be a small group and we need to confirm everyone and secure the venue.

Days Left to Save $3,168:

The time has come. If you hold off on this now, it’ll cost you. But when you join us today you’ll have all the same advantages and secret weapons as the successful internet marketers

Warm regards,

Shaqir Hussyin

P.S. If you have ever considered making a serious investment into your financial future – now is the time.Let me ask you – where do you want to be 5 years from now? If you’re like me you probably plan on still being alive in 5 years – however that’s about all the planning most people do. Too many simply allow their destiny to drift aimlessly, with no clear direction or purpose. However it’s not as simple as that. Believe me, if you don’t direct your destiny towards a specific goal – someone else will direct it towards their goals. We can give you that direction – and it’s as simple as filling out the form and getting a ticket right now.