Attention: SEO Supermen (and Women)

I'm Looking For My New SEO Rockstar!

From the desk of Shaqir Hussyin
Re: SEO Rockstar Position

If you're a kick-butt, super-hero SEO expert who can put us on the first page of Google, bring TORRENTS of visitors to any site you want, all with one hand tied behind your back, I have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

It's simple: You help improve our organic search engine results, run campaigns and optimize client sites, and you get to be part of a full-on, fast-growing organization with the world at your feet...and you can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

And of course I'll pay you handsomely for the honor.

My search has begun - I'm looking for...

This is unlike any other SEO or online marketing role you've ever performed, or even heard about.

Here's the thing: This is not your normal run-of-the-mill organization. I have built a number of online businesses from scratch, serving the online marketing community, which turn over 6 figures + each and every month. And believe me...we’re just getting started, so hold onto your hats!

This is where you come in - I need one or more SEO rockstars who can work their magic to bring more and more traffic to my sites and my clients’ sites. The challenge is great, but so is the pay and the FUN you’ll have.

Here's A Few Attributes Of An SEO Rockstar

(Also What I'm NOT Looking For...)

  • FAST FAST FAST!I am FAST - and I need you to keep up the pace! You must execute campaigns FAST. Whether that’s outreach or building new sites or link building.
  • You LIVE Out Of The Box. This ain't no boring-as-batshit accounting firm or spare parts supplier, I run very different online businesses and few even understand them at all, so you'll need to think on your feet.
  • You wield seemingly magical SEO powers to dominate new keywords quickly and generate obscene amounts of traffic with a proven track record.
  • You absolutely ADORE what you do. This is clockwatchers! Your focus needs to be on getting the job done - not getting the job done before the whistle blows. Heck, there isn't a whistle anyway. I don't even have a clock in my office, so if that's your thing, you're not a good fit for me. This doesn't mean you have no life - I think living the laptop lifestyle’ is a great life!
  • You can tolerate ME! To be clear - I'm a great guy, nice, generous, positive, but you also have to be able to deal with me not giving much direction, my slow (or nonexistent) communications and me generally ignoring you in favor of working on my core businesses. If this is you, we'll get along like a house on fire.
  • You have truly ASTOUNDING attention to detail. Let's face it - I'm a 'big picture' guy. So you need to fill in the details, and be absolutely anal about it. If an email or sales page has typos, I'll be very annoyed, and what's worse, it could cost me money. So you must be uber-accurate with schedules and other details. You also HATE a messy desk or office.
  • You are a DIAMOND. Diamonds are created under pressure - and you'll find yourself in plenty of situations where you need to be lightning fast, ultra accurate and absolutely perfect, all in a very very short space of time.

This isn't a 'normal' workplace, or a 'normal' role, so I don't want normal people to apply for this position. I'm looking for An SEO Rockstar. I’ll call on you at all hours, to save the day, to WOW a client, to make a massive chunk of cash. It’s all part of the fun.

Here's A Small Sample Of
What You'll Be Doing:

Great news: your daily tasks will usually be a (hopefully pleasant) surprise! I am an impulsive person who loves to swing into action the second an idea pops into my head, and I'll often call on you to drop what you're doing and change tack at a moment's notice.

One day you might be mapping out a comprehensive PPC campaign designed to instantly dominate an ultra-competitive niche, the next you could be working on a client site they’ve poured money into, for no result.

And you could be doing all this from my London office, or from a resort in Bali, or anywhere in between (as long as there's a good internet connection)

Here's just a small sample of the kinds of tasks you'll be doing:

  • Review and analyze clients sites for opportunities to EXPLODE their rankings and show them how profitable they can be...once they’re properly optimized.
  • Perform extensive keyword research (using some of the most awesome free and paid tools online) to uncover little-known, under-utilized keywords that I and my clients can exploit for big bucks.
  • Write content-rich, powerful SEO content and copy for pages and websites that brings in qualified, targeted traffic while still reading well and providing genuine value for the visitor.
  • Use advanced on-page SEO skills to optimize websites and pages for higher rankings.
  • Write kick-butt, SEO friendly headlines, copy, articles, blog posts, content, and other stuff to keep traffic coming in thick and fast.
  • Compile and present SEO performance reports that non-technical folks like me can understand.
  • Understand white hat and black hat SEO tactics to make sure we stay on the right side of the law (Google’s law, that is).
  • Help grow authority blogs and websites from the ground up (you’ll have to manage content, promotion & high leverage white hat SEO tasks).
  • Reach out to other blogs & sites for guest posting opportunities, interviews, and more (you’ll have to negotiate, secure and get links published on the biggest sites in various industries).
  • Use white hat tactics like Broken Link Building & Content Promotion to boost rankings for blog posts and websites.

And The Best Part Is...

You Can Do All This From Your Spare Room, Your Local Starbucks,Or Even An
Exotic Resort!

Whether it's the USA, the UK, Singapore or Europe, as long as there’s a fast internet connection, you can ply your trade from anywhere on earth. It doesn’t matter if you work best in your flip flops on the beach, or in the busy noise of a coffee shop, or from the comfort of a 5-star resort in paradise, as long as you keep working hard and kicking butt, that’s all that matters.

Required Skills

There's something you need to understand about this role - I move really, really fast, and I need you to keep up with me. And I can't have someone learning as they go, starting slowly and trying to catch up later.

So you need to be very very good...

  • Fast, Fast, FAST! I constantly spit out new ideas all the time - and I need them all implemented, fast. My team is barely keeping pace with me - but I want to go even faster.
  • A positive, entrepreneurial mindset. This is no ordinary role where you clock out at 5pm on the dot. I need someone who can treat this role like their own business and do what it takes to make it a success. clock watchers!
  • Top notch teamwork, communication skills, and attitude. My team runs like a well-oiled machine because everyone pulls together and has a great attitude. Anyone who isn't a team player will very quickly find themselves on the outside.
  • Great time management and self-organizing skills. I won’t be looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing your it’s on you to take ownership and responsibility for getting it done.
  • Multi-tasking and organizational skills. You'll be working on several different projects at once, and I can't have you sitting there with your head spinning. I need someone who can set priorities and get things done.
  • Attention to detail. I'm a bit of a perfectionist - that's one factor behind my success. So I need reports, articles, posts, and content, to all be as perfect as possible. One small detail could derail a campaign or lose us a high-paying client.

Compensation and Getting Paid

Finally - we get to the fun part!

Look, I know you actually scrolled down here first to check the salary I'm offering, but I'll overlook that for now. Because for the right person, with the right skills and by far most importantly the right attitude, you stand to get paid an absolute mint.

And the other thing you'll absolutely love about me - I love to give gifts and bonuses here and there, especially when my people go above and beyond the call of duty (Which happens every day, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...)

My goal is if you qualify, and are the right person to work for me, you WILL make more money with me than you’ve ever made in your life working for anyone else.

You will learn more than you’ve ever thought possible. You'll make a truckload of cash, far more than you would serving some overweight executive manager who doesn't care whether you live or die.

You’ll become part of my family.

How To Apply For This Position

Still with me? Awesome! (I like you already) Now for my favorite part - I get to watch you on video while you sell me on hiring you. Not so much fun for you, but let's get started anyway, First you need to make me a video. If you don't have a camera or webcam, just use a phone, I'm not expecting a Hollywood blockbuster here. In the video, tell me these four things:

  1. How and why you're going to kick absolute BUTT in this role
  2. What kind of experience you have to back up point #1
  3. How much you want to get paid?
  4. When can you start?

Please keep it under 5 minutes. (Remember: I have to take time out to watch these...) Upload it to and copy and paste the link into the application form. Then, click Submit and I’ll speak with you soon.

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