Exciting New Opportunity:


An exciting and very different opportunity has become available for a high-performing Operations Manager in London.

shaqirlogocircleMy name is Shaquir Hussyin, and I run a number of extremely successful and busy online businesses, serving entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. In fact they’re kind of like ongoing startups, so any related experience will help your application greatly.

I’ve been scaling up my operations for some time - and now I require the services of a high performing Operations Manager to take us to the next level, and oversee the successful delivery of our services in the online marketing industry.

As Operations Manager you will oversee my business portfolio which includes 3 very successful and profitable online businesses.

Your Duties

  • Work closely with me to formulate and implement new plans and strategies to scale and grow my businesses.
  • Oversee the general operations of my businesses including management of both London based and remote workers.
  • Create and measure new KPIs for the team and ensuring targets are met.
  • Coordinate with service providers we use and negotiate winning deals with them.
  • Recruit and induct only the best and brightest staff around the world to work both in my London office and remotely.
  • Manage customer service functions, refunds, problems, and ensure our customers are being looked after and serviced in the manner they deserve
  • Oversee I.T. and Technology functions for both staff services and online customer systems.

Please note: We sell a number of packages, systems and services at prices ranging up to USD$250,000 - and many of our clients are high-end entrepreneurs who demand great service and results.

Over the last few years I have personally built these businesses from the ground up as a one-man-operation. Then, recently I have hired a number of staff to help manage different parts of my businesses as they grow, and you will be in charge of all of these people, making sure they perform to expectations, hit their KPIs and everything runs smoothly.

As An Ideal Candidate

You Will Have Skills Such As...

  • Recruiting new sales staff and getting them producing results quickly
  • Remote staff management - we have many more staff working remotely than in the UK office, you’ll be organizing and running a weekly team meeting, liaising between remote staff and ensuring their targets are met.
  • Project management - You’ll manage projects via a web based app, ensure all tasks are completed and finished products are done to spec.
  • Knowledge of I.T. and computer functions - to manage and maintain various web based applications and local computer hardware. This includes data backup and liaising with I.T. system suppliers and contractors.
  • Documentation and procedural skills - I need several work tasks and processes fully documented and prepared for new hires to learn from.

If you fit the above skills and experience requirements, please forward your application to me now using the form below. I am interviewing and hiring on a first come, first served basis and once I have filled this position, I’ll take this ad down.


This will greatly depend on your experience in running this kind of fast-growing organisation, and the way you approach the role. The successful candidate will receive a sizeable monthly salary in keeping with the duties required of this role. And there are two other areas for high potential earnings:

  1. You will receive a performance based bonus for every successful project. For example, a product launch in any particular month could result in a revenue boost of possibly a hundred thousand dollars or more, and you will receive a percentage of this revenue.
  2. I am also a giver - I give away cash and prizes to my staff for excellent performance - and I expect to give away plenty to a successful Operations Manager. These are often unexpected and unannounced.

The actual salary is available upon application and depends mostly on your level of experience, but with bonuses you would expect to earn a good six figure salary as a minimum.

Please submit your application now and I’ll arrange a personal interview with you shortly.

One Final Note About This Role...

I am an ambitious, fast-moving entrepreneur who doesn’t suffer fools and who needs my Operations Manager to work in a similar manner. I am high energy, I fire out new ideas all the time and I need them implemented with great speed, and attention to detail.

So if you work slowly and methodically, if you need to think about every little thing before taking action, this position may not be a good fit for you.


...if you would like to be swept up in a fast-moving, money-making machine which has the potential to positively affect hundreds of thousands of lives (and millions in the future), and if you can stay on the ball and get things rolling quickly and effectively, you and I are going to work well together.

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