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Our Vision

Unleash Your Potential & Make A Difference

At Shaqir Hussyin HQ, we own some of the leading websites on the Internet when it comes to helping average people become extra-ordinary, share their message, cash in on their passion and leverage our proven, time-tested formulas, blueprints and systems.

We are a fast-moving, fast-growing company on a mission to change, inspire, transform 1 million lives in the next 3 years to empower people create the life of their dreams by leveraging technology, the internet, systems, and marketing knowledge products created by us.

We are a small tight-knit group of people from all walks of background that work together, all from home to create products that matter.

So if you are ready to unleash your potential, make a difference to the world, join our world to change 1 person's world at a time then we invite you to click on the link below, check us out.



Shaqir Hussyin,
Internet Millionaire


Core Values

Success Starts Here

  • Happiness

    I strive to create an environment of happiness for everyone around me, my team, my customers and myself.

    Happiness & excitement keeps the soul alive. Productivity is at it’s highest when people do meaningful work and work to their Unique Ability which results in them being happy, excited and fulfilled.

  • Virtue

    I operate from a place of authenticity and transparency in my communication and intentions.

    I always seek to do the “right thing”, long term thing over just the short, and profitable thing. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, an attitude I live by.

  • Character

    I am at my best when I am fully committed to what I am doing, executing it fully and consistently, to the best of my ability.

    I treat everyone around me with care, love, attention and appreciate them deeply.

  • Team Work

    After God & my family and the 3 friends I have, my team are the most important people in my life. I strive to create a growth inducing, challenging environment for them to work, succeed and contribute to.

  • Service

    Nothing makes me happier than serving and caring my family, friends, customers and community.

  • Balance

    I’m at my best when I know my team are living a balanced life and I’m able to maintain a healthy and balanced, stress-free and peaceful lifestyle.

    Peace of mind is key for my own clarity of thinking. I Prefer to be left alone for long periods of time to enhance & create my own balance.Fortunately for me, I’ve accepted and concluded there is no balance in my life

  • Legendary Legacy

    I perform at the highest level when my work is in alignment with my values.

    My intention is to leave a legacy that people all over the world will be able to be impacted by and one that inspires others to also leave the world a better place than we found it.

    Every person I meet, interact and communicate with, I want them to be in a better place after meeting me.

  • Self Actualization

    Always be growing. I am constantly seeking to grow, learn and expand my understanding and awareness of those around me.

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