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Full Time Badass Speaker & Stage Closer

Here’s what I’m looking for from you & NOT looking:

You must be a very organized person: you’ll be getting different tasks thrown onto your lap, and you must be able to make sure everything gets completed, and prioritize. The right person will make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks.

My coach Dan Sullivan said he basically divides everyone into one of two categories:

1) Those that have their own energy source (those with batteries)
2) Those that are dependent on others for their energy (those without batteries)

Some may not like it, but based on his decades (40 years) working in both entrepreneurial and corporate settings, I’d say he’s metaphor is spot-on.


You probably know what that’s like. Almost every work environment has a couple (or more) people who drain the team members around them. Not my company.

I am willing to help people without batteries, but I am not willing to hire them. I don’t have time, or energy to deal with people without batteries.

I want everyone in my organization to have their own super-charged-long-lasting battery pack.

If they don’t, they just deplete everyone else. And I fire them. I let them go. I kick them off my company. In last 5 years I’ve done that 5 times ONLY.

I want my people working to grow my business and reach their potential—not wasting energy making up for someone’s character deficit

Personally I work long hours, and I need someone close by for most of that time who can help implement my ideas.

What You Will Be Doing

  • You’ll be required to travel for 1-3 days at a time doing these small “preview events”, speaking to small crowds to start off with (20 – 50 people on average). As you get better, the crowds will get bigger.
  • You’ll be paid a % of the cash you bring in from these events. The higher your closing rate, the higher the %. We have everything you need; the pitch, numerous recordings of the pitch being done to a live audience with a 33% closing rate and training for you to go thru.

This will ONLY suit you if:

  • You love to travel. You’ll be travelling from state to state each month and country to country.
  • You have experience in selling to crowds of people (essential)
  • You’re a leader, and you can take on a large responsibility and follow thru till the end
  • You understand the money is always made on the followup and that you need to followup efficiently to close the sales.
  • You’re able to start right away
  • You are able to handle high pressure situations with ease
  • You’re familiar with the seminar business model (although this is not essential).
  • You’re looking for a long term position with a company that rewards result makers.

SIDE NOTE : This role is for male & females too simple-smile Full Time Speaker


  • We write the ads, spend the money on marketing, and fill the rooms.
  • We provide all the mic-pitches-branding-equipment.
  • We cover your hotel bills.
  • We cover your flights.
  • You get paid on how well you perform and do what you love.

Desired Character Traits

  • You need to have confidence. Self-Esteem is the #1 trait of every high performing individual. Everyone around me is a High-Performer and I dislike those that aren’t and there’s no space or room for that type of person in my life, business and company. Confidence is attractive, arrogance is not. The second won’t be tolerated by my team or myself.
  • Every time I put on these events there’s a lot of money on the line, sometimes tens-of-thousands of dollars: so you need to be able to bring your A game and deliver.
  • You’re reliable and dependable and someone that I can reach / my team can reach out to – so your communication needs to be on point.
  • You must thrive under pressure, I like people that can perform well under pressure with tight-deadlines.
  • You need to be someone who can deliver the same pitch 100s of times, and appreciate the challenge of trying to better your personal best each time. If you’re the kind of person who will soon get sick of doing the same pitch and trying to improve, this not for you.
  • You need to be able to work VERY well with other people. On each circuit, you’ll be travelling with 2 other WealthAcademy members who will be there to help run the event (eg help out with registrations, setting up the equipment, etc)
  • You are a perfectionist! You’re the kind of person who knows that you can ALWAYS improve on a presentation, and you enjoy making tweaks to your delivery each time to get the maximum conversion rate you’re capable of doing. This will increase results for everyone.
  • You have to be ok with working on commissions only. Get the job done attitude.
  • You need to have THICK skin. Selling, working for me is not for the faint hearted. It is what it is.
  • You need to embrace challenges and things that are sometimes out of your own control, yet take responsibility to make change.
  • You need to be able to work with me, most of the time, I am a nightmare, you’ll get used to it if you are “man enough”

Compensation and Getting Paid:

Producers get paid. Well. You are in the results economy and your results will dictate how much you get paid. The more revenue you bring to my company the more you get paid.

If you’re a producer, the income can be very substantial and will  exceed six figures a year.

We have a track record of paying our sales team very well and far above the industry standard.
My sales team are all six figure and 7 figure earners.

Final Thoughts On The Role:

Think of this as an opportunity to take yourself to the NEXT level.

There is absolutely no substitute for this from a learning experience (in 2010 when I had little business results, I was given this opportunity by million dollar marketer,  a much more experienced marketer, and it changed my life – Millionaire Mentorship changed my life).

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, actually I’m a fucking nightmare to work for, to work with, so you’ll need EXTRA thick skin.

You’ll be required, expected to work your ass off. Long days. Long nights. The whole shebang.

I have very little room in my life for negative, energy draining people. I hire slowly and will let people go fast, if I think that they don’t “have it”.

You’ll become part of my family and my family is awesome. simple-smile-7b Content Marketing Manager

How To Apply For This Position:

If you’re interested in the position, please make a video and tell me why you’d be a great fit for the role. Feel free to be as creative as possible in your video (eg. you might go show me some of your marketing).

Tell me about your experience, your biggest strengths, and why you want to be a part of our team.

Please keep it under 5 minutes. We will only review applications that have a video (and I personally watch every single one of them)

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