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Shaqir Hussyin's Email Marketing Manager

MISSION : To empower one million entrepreneurs to take back control of their lives and create 100 millionaires by 2018.

Shaqir Hussyin reaches 100,000+ readers in 193 countries worldwide and leads empowering, transformational dynamic educational training programs & marketing systems that give individuals an unfair advantage to succeed in starting & succeeding in their own online business.

Work 1-on-1 With Me & My A-Players Team : To Create, Manage and Optimize High Converting Email Marketing Campaigns For & Everything Shaqir Hussyin Related…

(Note: This Position Requires You To Be Super-Duper Awesome. If You Don't Feel That Way
About Yourself – Please Don't READ THIS Entire Page!)

From the cluttered desk of Shaqir Hussyin

Yes, the desk is cluttered, and my mind is cluttered so that should indicate straight away if you could work efficiently, effectively with an ADHD type entrepeneur.

I'm looking for an A-player who can manage our email marketing campaigns. Someone who has a knack for getting the right emails into the right inboxes at the right times. Who lives to see those open and clickthrough rates climb higher and higher. You'll be expected to develop and track email campaigns to ultimately increase our business' email marketing success.

My team are used to my crazy, obsessive personality, especially Lisa my right hand girl, business operations manager calls me a NIGHTMARE.

That should sum up who I want. More on that a bit later and if this position is right for you to handle.

I'm on a mission to help 100 people make 7 figures and 1,000 people make 6 figures by December 31st 2015.

Once I help enough people reach those goals, I'll hit my personal goal of $50 MILLION in revenue.

(I need that sort'a of cash in my life to be able to buy and Island and build schools, a few more shoes and an Iron Man suit, so i can live my purpose as a super-hero. Lol.)

I started in this business 5 years ago, have built 3 different million dollar businesses by the age of 25 and i'm on track to now build an 8 Figure Business by end of 2015.

Along the way, I've developed the experience, the skills, and the know-how to generate millions and millions of dollars in online sales. I've invested over $250,000 into my own education to get to where I am.

And i continue to invest in myself like not very much people in the world you'll meet.

In the past 5 years, I've lived and breathed internet marketing – it's total obsession for me. I'm outrageously fascinated and obsessively and ridiculously curious about anything and everything.

Marketing. Psychology. Breakthroughs. Strategy. Innovation. Management. Those things are my obsession now.

I am that type of individual who lives OBSESSIVELY. Everything is over the top for me, so I want someone who can take my ideas and implement. FAST.

Right now I have Geniuses, A-Players, Smart-Asses on my team that get shit done. I need someone to work with them and me to get more shit done.

Speed is everything. Speed & Urgency need to be glued to your laptop, to your mind when you think of anything related to me.

I'm now looking for a email marketing manager to create and manage our email marketing campaigns.

This will be a very fast paced role, and your input, contributions will be valuable. This is NOT for weak cunts.
The hours will be long – but we'll have fun along the way. I'm a fun guy and a funny one too. LOL.

What you will be doing:

  • Grow our email list organically, not through bought or rented lists.
  • Manage various email campaigns, including the template designs, calls-to-action, and content used in our email sends.
  • Segment lists based on behaviors like past email engagement and website interactions (content downloads, site page visits, etc.).
  • Measure results and optimize the lead nurturing workflows for these segments to convert leads into customers.
  • Work to minimize list decay and unsubscribes while increasing the productivity of our email sends.
  • Develop documentation and road maps for processes, A/B tests, and promotions that succeed through email.

Here's what I'm looking for from you & NOT looking:

You must be a very organized person: you'll be getting different tasks thrown onto your lap, and you must be able to make sure everything gets completed, and prioritize. The right person will make sure that things don't fall through the cracks.

My coach Dan Sullivan said he basically divides everyone into one of two categories:

1) Those that have their own energy source (those with batteries)
2) Those that are dependent on others for their energy (those without batteries)

Some may not like it, but based on his decades (40 years) working in both entrepreneurial and corporate settings, I’d say he's metaphor is spot-on.


You probably know what that’s like. Almost every work environment has a couple (or more) people who drain the team members around them. Not my company.

I am willing to help people without batteries, but I am not willing to hire them. I don't have time, or energy to deal with people without batteries.

I want everyone in my organization to have their own super-charged-long-lasting battery pack.

If they don’t, they just deplete everyone else. And I fire them. I let them go. I kick them off my company. In last 5 years I've done that 5 times ONLY.

I want my people working to grow my business and reach their potential—not wasting energy making up for someone’s character deficit

Personally I work long hours, and I need someone close by for most of that time who can help implement my ideas.


  • BA/BS or equivalent working experience.
  • Past experience with email marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and web analytics.
  • Excellent understanding of email marketing concepts and metrics such as Sender Score, deliverability, and sender reputation.
  • Proficiency in email marketing and marketing automation technology.
  • Highly analytical and able to derive meaning from data through A/B testing and email optimization.
  • Excellent writer and communicator (in both the written and verbal form).

Additional Requirements:

1. Intermediate knowledge of internet marketing, tracking, conversions, sales funnels, sales copy, upsells etc.

2. Intermediate knowledge of some of the tools we use… like WordPress, OptimizePress, auto responders, etc.

Optional Skills (Not required, but a plus)

– Basic HTML / coding ability
– Photoshop
– A great eye for design

I would also greatly prefer someone who's already a client or affiliate, who's familiar with our business model. Also, working with me personally you should know: I tend to be quite direct and blunt – as I like to see things completed to a certain standard. It's important that you can take constructive criticism well.

Compensation and Getting Paid:

This will depend largely on your skill level, and how valuable you are in this role. For the right person, compensation could be significant. For the wrong person, well, you won't be on my team.

If you're starting out with fewer skills and learning as you go, compensation is going to be lower. We'll be able to work out something fair. I like to give amazing, generous bonuses.

The right person for this role will also deeply value the learning experience. This is the kind of role where you'll really develop your marketing skills and talents, and then be able to use them later in life to build your own company.

My goal is if you qualify, and are the right person to work for me, you WILL make more money with me than you've ever made in your life working for anyone else.

You will learn more than you've ever thought possible. You'll become part of my family.

Final Thoughts On The Role:

Think of this as an opportunity to take yourself to the NEXT level.

There is absolutely no substitute for this from a learning experience (in 2010 when I had little business results, I was given this opportunity by million dollar marketer, a much more experienced marketer, and it changed my life – Millionaire Mentorship changed my life).

I'm not everyone's cup of tea, actually I'm a fucking nightmare to work for, to work with, so you'll need EXTRA thick skin.

You'll be required, expected to work your ass off. Long days. Long nights. The whole shebang.

I have very little room in my life for negative, energy draining people. I hire slowly and will let people go fast, if I think that they don't “have it”.

You'll become part of my family and my family is awesome. 🙂

How To Apply For This Position:

If you're interested in the position, please make a video and tell me why you'd be a great fit for the role. Feel free to be as creative as possible in your video (eg. you might go show me some of your marketing).

Tell me about your experience, your biggest strengths, and why you want to be a part of our team.

Please keep it under 5 minutes. We will only review applications that have a video (and I personally watch every single one of them)


HAPPINESS: I strive to create an environment of happiness for everyone around me, my team, my customers and myself.

Happiness & excitement keeps the soul alive.

Productivity is at it's highest when people do meaningful work and work to their Unique Ability which results in them being happy, excited and fulfilled.

VIRTUE: I operate from a place of authenticity and transparency in my communication and intentions. I always seek to do the “right thing”,
long term thing over just the short, and profitable thing.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should, an attitude I live by.

CHARACTER: I am at my best when I am fully committed to what I am doing, executing it fully and consistently, to the best of my ability.

I treat everyone around me with care, love, attention and appreciate them deeply.

SERVICE: Nothing makes me happier than serving and caring my family, friends, customers and community.

BALANCE: I am at my best when I know my team are living a balanced life and I am able to maintain a healthy and balanced, stress-free and peaceful lifestyle.

Peace of mind is key for my own clarity of thinking. I Prefer to be left alone for long periods of time to enhance & create my own balance.Fortunately for me, I've accepted and concluded there is no balance in my life 🙂

LEGENDARY LEGACY: I perform at the highest level when my work is in alignment with my values.

My intention is to leave a legacy that people all over the world will be able to be impacted by and one that inspires others to also leave the world a better place than we found it.

Every person I meet, interact and communicate with, I want them to be in a better place after meeting me.
SELF ACTUALIZATION: Always be growing. I am constantly seeking to grow, learn and expand my understanding and awareness of those around me.

TEAM WORK : After God & my family and the 3 friends I have, my team are the most important people in my life. I strive to create a growth inducing, challenging environment for them to work, succeed and contribute to.


I'd love to tell you my life is perfect and I follow all the above values listed, the truth is – Most of the time I am a nightmare for myself, and everyone on my team to deal with. I forget things, I'm repetitive and I cause mayhem within my team. Lol. 🙂

And I smile about it and everyone learns, adapts to deal with it.

My clients get the best me when I am the best me, so It takes a special somebody to be in my presence, to work with me, to put up with my neurotic, obsessive behaviour.

If you think you fit the role, you can contribute above and beyond, then I invite you to apply and see if this is RIGHT for you.[/vc_column_text]

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